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Six years, ten months in LA and I still haven’t been discovered. Why stay, right?

Kidding. I’m not kidding about leaving, though. We really are picking up and moving this family in slightly over a month, headed for the windy city. The opportunity, weighing process, and decision to go all came in less than a week. And the final word on all of this happened April 30.

It’s funny how plans, expectations, life trajectories can change in moments. I remember the day Jeremy interviewed for this job. He called me, sort of raved about his time with Chicago, and suddenly we were both asking ourselves, “Could we consider leaving? Now?” We hung up agreeing to dial our respective sets of parents to see if they’d think we were crazy.

If you know us AT ALL, you know that we have come to LOVE this city. Los Angeles is our first real home as the junior Manns. We love our apartment. We love our neighborhood. We love our friends. Our time here has been more rich with blessing than we ever could have imagined two years ago. We weren’t looking for a reason to leave.

But God gave us a reason. A couple reasons, actually. And now–after the decision has been made and we’re jumping into moving plans–an abundance of reasons. Thank God (literally). I feel incredibly confident we’re doing the right thing. And as a result, I’m beyond excited to discover what God has for us in Chicago.

I hear it’s even more of a city than LA. I’m told you can actually get rid of a car and depend on public transportation. I know it must get colorful in the fall there. I think Chicago and I will get along just fine. And my grandma is only 6 hours away.