Five months of baby loooove

Last time I wrote, Ez was seven weeks, and full-time work as an NP was locked down but sitting at a safe distance. It feels like I am living in an entirely different universe these days. And the child is getting bigger, older, changing aaaall the time. Its already been 5 months!!!

2mo2 months

3mo3 months

4mo4 months

5mo5 months

He is still such a delight. The kid stopped sleeping through the night and has since become an I-love-to-wake-up-every-two-to-three-hours baby, but ohhhh how he smiles and giggles and always wakes up in the morning cooing, babbling, and grinning.

Going back to work full-time rocked our world. Those first two weeks were ROUGH. Ez stopped sleeping through the night pretty much immediately, I got sick my second day, then Ez got sick (with a persistent, wheezy cough), then Jer of course, all while Chicago was hitting record-breaking lows in the middle of what’s turned out to be the longest winter of my life.

Life has settled down a little since those first weeks, in part because we made the decision for me to decrease my working hours by one day. It means two extra years of paying back my scholarship, but we’re pretty sure we’ll be in Chicago for at least that long, and after experiencing how not sustainable having me out of the house five days a week was, the decision felt like a no-brainer. SO. I have a few areas to cover since I last wrote, yes? Here we go!

WORRRRRRK. Yeah, that’s happening now. Its as official as official gets. Licensed. Seeing patients. Writing orders, prescribing medications, diagnosing and managing a wide variety of medical problems. Its just insane. It’s actually wonderful and exciting and challenging and stressful and terrifying all at once. Starting a new job is always an adjustment, and this certainly has been a difficult one. But I can tell God is working on me, using a challenging season to produce growth. And along the way he has truly provided for my needs. My collaborating physician is a gem, and my boss really truly cares about the wellbeing of the providers at my work. Still so thankful for this job.

MOTHERRRRHOOOOOOOD. I am in utter disbelief that in less than one month this baby of ours will be six months. I know, I know. Time just flies, everyone says it. But serious! For example in less than one month, I am supposed to start feeding this child real human food. Say whaaaaat. Its wild. In some ways it feels like time is flyyying by, but at the same time, it’s crazy to think it was only a little over five months ago that Ezra came. It kind of feels like he’s been around forever. I feel like we just struck gold with Ezra. He is seriously such a delight. [And I’m really enjoying his sunny disposition and go-with-the-flow attitude while it’s here, because I’ve been told I was an absolutely dreamy baby, but I happen to know I was also a not so easy to deal with toddler-to-pre-teen (reeeally hoping this kid didn’t get this part of my DNA).] I wish I had some wise or clever or even organized reflections on new momhood for you.

In fact, I think I probably have more updates to share, but it’s 10pm (which my body now tries to tell me is something like 3 hours past bedtime), there is nothing else in my brain right now, and this is the third time this week I’ve sat down to try and finish writing! Yikes! This will have to do for now.