Today Jeremy and I had to rename one of our kittens. Ingrid is now Lars because–oops– “she’s” just not much of a she at all. We wondered about her less-than-girlish figure along with her piggish appetite and now it all makes a little more sense. Still, what a terrible mistake. I hope we haven’t scarred her for life.

I have to make a public apology here for this mistake as well as the extremely womanish picture of her shown below (from which we actually nicknamed her Mary Magdalene). Sorry Ingrid. Lars. And all feline friends who have been misnamed and misgendered before.


for now

Well, folks. I’m graduated. It’s official: I have a BSN. Conferred. Tassle on the left. Diploma mail order form received. Done.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything reflective or inspiring to say about it yet. So here, meet my kitten Ingrid (affectionately known as Mary Magdalene):

graduation and fam 026

That’s her in all her post-bath glory. There are three others: Echo, Yoko, and Michael Jackson. Our most recent foster dears, they’re about four and a half weeks by now. Cute. A little funny, and also cute.

here it comes

mayish 026

My first day of classes at Biola ended in tears on a hill. I was certain I had come to the wrong place. I felt behind and like I knew nothing about the Bible compared to my classmates. Jeremy told me that I was at Biola to learn, not demonstrate what I already knew. He told me I was at an advantage knowing less; I would have the opportunity to learn and grow far more than anyone who wasn’t lost on the first day of classes.

I was a communications major that year. I learned more about the Bible in that one year than I had probably learned throughout my entire life so far. I also learned how to study well, how to write real papers, give speeches, make new friends.

I just turned in a 13 page paper discussing the Biblical theology of the book of Daniel. I flew across the world to Rwanda to work as a nurse for three weeks.Last weekend I got certified in ACLS. ACLS is basically training in how to save a life. Arrythmias, code blues, medications, CPR, defibrillation. I’m going to be an ICU nurse next year.

Things have changed since that first day on that hill. And the end is almost officially here. As I reflect on the contrast between that first day and now, it’s hard to believe how much has happened in 5 years. I’m excited and proud to be done. But I’m not excited to leave all this. Ready, I think… but I’m aware life is not going to be the same in 4 days. Here goes nothin.


macI’ve spent a while now hating on macs. Lovin on the PCs. Bonding with other PC lovers and sticking my nose up at those mac people. Well I hate to say it but dag nabit I’m lusting after my husband’s white macbook.

See my computer died last week because my power cord broke. I ordered myself a replacement cord, but of course it didn’t come in time and so I was forced to borrow Jeremy’s (temporarily) extra mac. Well today the power cord came and I sort of want to hide it and act like “shoot, it never got here” or “dang, it’s not charging. I guess my computer’s still dead.”

I bought myself a nice Toshiba two summers ago. And boy was I proud of my purchase. What a trusty, user-friendly, nice-looking computer. But I got on this mac and it just makes me want to be organized and hard-working and nicer to other people.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but now I fantasize about the day (probably far off, when I’m starting grad school or something) when I’ll absolutely need a new computer and I’ll be free to turn to apple. This could also have something to do with the fact that my trusty toshiba has developed some trusty neon lines that run down my screen. (some recently developed permanent decor. Thanks, tosh.)

Anyways I’m loving this mac and I think I have no choice but to finish my paper on it (wouldn’t it be such a hassle to download my paper to another computer? I know, I thought so too).