ten on ten… or something like it

You know those people who are so very responsibly organized about making sure the most special moments of their kids’ childhoods are well documented, accessibly stored, and backed up? I need one of these people to come to my house and tell me how to live my life.

I have these great pictures from Ezra’s first birthday which was this totally magical, actually-lived-up-to-its-ridiculous-expectations kind of day but I can’t tell you for the life of me where they are. I think I have like four that I backed up somewhere online. The rest are… I don’t know… On my old computer? Which is… Oh you get the point.

I used to participate in this photo project called ten on ten, which (as far as I can tell) is no longer a current thing, but since resurrecting the Cannon I am deciding to revitalize it for myself. It’s so awesome to be able to reminisce in photographs (and to have an excuse to actually use a camera that is not attached to your smartphone), and I think the things I will most cherish looking back on will be the glimpses into everyday life as a young family.

Yesterday was my first day back at it. I don’t know which came first, the day being simply wonderful or my determination to document it, but whatever the case it was a particularly enjoyable Saturday–one of my very favorite kinds. Jer just started his first week back at school last week, so we’re still on the tail end of summer, but close enough to fall that we can no longer deny its impending existence. I woke up early to a quiet house (well, after feeding the baby of course), a rainstorm, and nearly two hours on my own before the little ones were up for good (a rare gift!). We walked to the famers market in a mid morning drizzle like PNW’ers (which I like to pretend we are sometimes; we are not), had donuts, ran into friends from the neighborhood. I had some one on one time with each of my kiddos, some rest time, Jer worked in the yard, took Ez to Home Depot, I cleaned and rested a bit, and we ended the day by hitting up our street’s epic block party (not pictured) and watching Band of Brothers (a newish weekly tradition, also not pictured) with our buds the Smiths. If only every Saturday could be like yesterday! Ok! Enough jabbering! Here come the photogs!






















Just some snaps of my sweet babes

I was feeling stressed this morning, for no real particular reason. It was just one of those mornings the baby’s mild unhappiness had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end, and the house was (is) a disastrous mess.

It never quite works to have a plan for productivity around the house when you have little people in your care. There are those rare days when all the stars align: your two year old decides to play independently for the first time ever, the baby adds an hour to her morning nap, and you find yourself with time to give attention to the things you’ve totally neglected for a stretch of time. But in my experience they almost never come when you plan on them.

Sometimes you just need to turn a blind eye to the things that will always need doing. Today I got out my old camera and spent the day trying to be a little more present with these babes who are just growing up way to fast.