the floor saga?

I don’t know. Terminology that involves the word “saga” is probably a bit dramatic for our current situation. This may not technically be a saga. We’ve encountered home improvement sagas before (UM, such as the saga involving the I-will-build-you-a-completely-new-heating-duct-system-Oh-wait-I-actually-don’t-know-how-so-I’ll-just-build-you-one-you’ll-have-to-get-totally-redone contractor man), and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t qualify. And actually, what kind of house project would it BE if we just paid someone else to do something without us re-doing parts that haven’t been done totally correctly? OH I KNOW. It’d be a house project happening in someone else’s house. That is just not how we roll, people.

Days one and two of our floor refinishing project (hired out responsibly to experienced floor refinishers) is done. Sort of. The floors look great! Woohoo! It’s just that when we got home, we noticed they were a little… rough. Almost like they’re dusty. Not smooth like newly refinished floors. So Jer called our head floor guy.

It took some prodding before getting to the bottom of what was up with the floors, but eventually he figured out our floor guys just hadn’t really wiped the floor down much before coating it. So that dusty feeling was literally construction dust, polyurethaned into our floors. Oh, hey. Did I mention our guys are less than half the cost of some of the other peeps in the area who refinish floors?

Don’t worry, it sounds like a relatively fixable problem. But it meant three and a half hours of Jeremy in the front half of our house tonight sanding all the floors by hand, vacuuming everything (I helped!), and wiping it all down by hand. Now our floor guy is back to lay another final coating. At 9:27pm on a Sunday. I bet he loooooves working with us.


maple for my Saturday

I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MY APARTMENT RIGHT NOW. The floor dudes came today at 8am, just as I was leaving for a four-hour half day of clinic outside the city. When I returned around 2pm, half of our floors were looking SO MUCH MORE FABULOUS THAN THEY HAVE EVER LOOKED BEFORE. There is construction dust everywhere. Lots more work for them to do today, and a whole day of working on them again tomorrow. But OH MY GOSH I am SO EXCITED.

It is so funny to me how I used to wonder how the heck people got so pumped about working on their houses. “What is the big deal?” I used to think to myself, “It’s just this building that you live in. It doesn’t even do anything. How do people get so excited about fences and siding and furniture? Wouldn’t they rather buy clothes?” I also remember thinking it was funny whenever my parents would respond to, “so what are you guys doing tonight?” with “Oh we’re going to take a trip to Home Depot.” “How is that a thing?” I would think.

And now look at me. 26 years old, and the highlight of my Saturday is seriously a motorcycle ride to the Home Depot for wood filler stain and Home Depot polish hot dogs (hitting 2 birds with 1 stone, baby!). Whatevs, I love it. I love becoming an adult. I cannot WAIT to enjoy my new and improved maple floors.

The thing is, it’s just been the most absolutely pleasant Saturday. As I mentioned before, I spent the first half of it working at a free clinic outside Chicago. Oh my goodness, I wish I could do this every Saturday. I’ve done this twice so far, and it’s seriously a highlight of my time in grad school. There are three things in particular that make it so great. First, the woman I’m working with when I go is one of my favorite grad school faculty peeps. So a morning at this clinic means a morning learning under an incredible FNP with lots of experience and a no-nonsense, straightforward instruction style. SO. HELPFUL. Second, when I’m there I actually feel like I am doing something meaningful. I don’t have the skills and the license to have my own FNP position just yet, but I have enough skills and experience to be helpful in a productive way in this setting. And third, I just enjoy working in this setting with these patients. Most of them speak strictly Spanish and all of them are uninsured. And I just like being a part of them getting healthcare.

So when I have a wonderful morning like that, and I come home to beautifully sanded maple floors, and my husband drives me around on a motorcycle and drops me off at a coffee shop for the afternoon, I just feel like a lucky person. It’s important to hold on to these moments and remember them when things are not going my way. Because you know what? Sometimes they just really go my way. And it would be dishonest to have a “woe is me” attitude when life gets stressful. Let’s keep that in mind and be thankful, self.

quickly, hello

I’d say at least 60% of the times I really have an itch to sit down and write here are times when I am already sitting down to have long, productive chunks of study time. This time, I escaped the house to a quiet, cool Starbucks to fill my head with NP knowledge before an exam Tuesday. And my husband is graciously prepping our zoo-of-a-house for floor refinishing, which is scheduled to commence tomorrow. SO I really cannot just sit here and blog forever, out of love and respect for my dear husband. But after three and a half hours of mostly uninterrupted study time, I figured writing a very quick hello would be ok. And quickly, here are some recent things to report:

Jeremy is home. Yaaaaaaay.

We’re getting our floors refinished. No kitchen and bathroom for TWO FULL DAYS ahead. Oh my. Also I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this project done so we can get moving on putting our apartment back together for good (it’s been sort of in shambles since the demolition-of-the-kitchen-side-room-wall project).

OLYMPICS start tonight. Yaaaaaaay.

The motorcycle is fixed after being stranded on a random street with a flat since the beginning of Institute (some seven weeks ago!). Yaaaaaaaaay.

I had a really disappointing midterm clinical eval this past week. Really nothing serious. There’s plenty of time for improvement. I’m not supposed to be perfect at clinicals just yet. And someone who isn’t a total perfectionist when it comes to school probably wouldn’t have  thought twice about it. But I am not that person. I am simultaneously both determined to become amazing and mildly insecure about my ability to become amazing. The other night Jeremy reminded me of the Moore family motto, “YIC!”, which is always followed by an exclamation point, pronounced “yick,” and stands for “YOU’RE IN CHARGE” (all caps always applies). I’m trying to remind myself to keep YIC in mind. YIC YIC YIC!

National Health Service Corps recruitment/placement conference in Grapevine, Texas was last weekend. I had to wear a suit for the first time ever. Got me thinking about getting a job. Fun, and also predictably a little stressful. Yikes.

K. Love you miss you (fams, friends.)!!!


Today, on the train coming home from church:

Me: Oh my gosh, check this out. [pulling on my shirt] Target. [pulling on my undershirt] Target. [pulling on my pants] Target.

Jeremy: Purse?

Me: Target.

Jeremy: Nail polish.

Me: Target! [pointing to my sunglasses] TARGET.

Wow. I love Target.

hot hot heat

I have an unspoken personal rule to never complain about warm sunny weather. But I think Chicago is seriously in danger of melting away. The high is 103 and is currently telling me it “feels like 107F.” Some lady on the radio said earlier “it’s a hundred degrees” and it made me think of times when its really warm someplace and people say “oh my gosh, it is seriously a hundred degrees in here.” Except it’s probably actually like 77 degrees in there.

Yikes. I went responsible-errand running earlier and the more time I spent in my car, the more my AC turned into HEAT. By the end of the trip, I was seriously cranky. Seriously sweaty. SERIOUSLY in need of something cold to drink and someplace air conditioned to sit and study.

I’m glad it’s not freezing outside but I have for realz had enough of this sauna-for-a-city weather. Let’s take it down a couple notches, Chicago. And by a couple notches I mean TWENTY-FIVE DEGREES, STAT.

If I name my son Charles, I can call him CM.

Oh, iced Caramel Macchiato, how I love thee.

I got home from clinical today at 10pm. Tomorrow is going to be 97 degrees. Class starts at 9am. I am SO sacrificing an extra 30 minutes of sleep to get one of these babies in the morning. HAPPY THIRD OF JULY TO ME!!!!!

You know how they say that money can’t buy you happiness? Money can buy ME happiness when it’s paying for an iced CM in the summertime. It’s 11:03pm and it’s already making my day.