checking in

It’s hard to believe my last post was written in the midst of the floor refinishing. Since then, the floors have been finished, there is now a giant window in our kitchen, we survived the four-day Carnival that happens next to and in front of our house, I finished my first clinical rotation AND had my first interview for an NP job, Jeremy started seminary, and for almost a month straight we either had out of town guests or were out of town ourselves. Phew.

Our house is still not quite in full working order (we’ve still got some drywall taping around the new window as well as window painting, closet reorganization, and just your basic deep cleaning post-construction). I am in the midst of finals, with my last exams on Monday and Tuesday. Jeremy is off at the Library, reading a book and writing his first Seminary paper.

The craziness of summer is beginning to slowly settle down. I’m welcoming with open arms the coming of fall this year. I am always glad for summer when it comes, but it’s been so busy and hot and our living space has been so disorganized and dusty, that September feels like a refuge this year. I am excited for fall and winter like I was when we first moved back to the midwest. Have I ever mentioned here that my dream job as a kid was to be a meteorologist? There is something so wonderful and exciting about weather. About a change in temperatures and humidity and what time the sun is going to rise and set. I met a real meteorologist when I was in high school who told me I actually probably didn’t realize what a meteorologist does and warned me that it was actually super boring and I should probably not consider studying meteorology in college. But sometimes I still think I would have made such a great meteorologist.

For those of you really curious about the window, I’ll give you a little before-after action (although, the after is not the complete finished product). Here’s a before instagram, which was actually taken to show the finished floors, but it also gives you some idea of what the room kind of looked like before (you can see the curtain for reference):

Then in came the window, kaboom. Here’s the after shot:

Jeremy resurrected our kitchen table from Echo Park by refinishing it and repairing the legs. Let me tell you, it’s a beautiful thing to have a place to sit in the kitchen near a big window. Jeremy found the window at the Rebuilding Exchange, which means it was originally sitting in some other house’s wall as a window, and the guys that did the window were a scream of a deal, so the whole thing cost us about 1/3 of what it should have. Awesome. Ok. Moving on from home improvement and our endless list of projects.

I mentioned I finished my first clinical rotation. Yowza. I am now officially, literally (well, ok–I have three days left of the quarter) HALF WAY through my program. Whaaaat?!?! Crazytown. I LOVE my program. I love NP school. I love being in clinical. Sure, sometimes it’s super overwhelming and I get that can-I-really-do-this kind of stress. But being in an NP role is so exciting. I was talking to some of my grad school friends last night about what a different animal Nurse Practitioner is from Registered Nurse. Most times I tell people I’m in NP school, they politely ask me, “so… What exactly is the difference between a nurse and a nurse practitioner?” Sometimes the same people even ask me later, “so, tell me again… What else will you be able to do as a nurse practitioner? Do you just get paid more at your current job?” I don’t blame them. The whole MD vs. NP vs. PA business is confusing to the general public, and I’m still figuring out how to really clearly explain things in a way that sticks for people.

But the more I go and practice as an RN at my current job, the more being an NP feels like a 180. It’s probably also the fact that I’m going into primary care (aka non-hospital work), which is entirely different from intensive care nursing. Anyways, becoming a nurse practitioner feels like such a great fit, and more and more I’m excited for the work I’ll do after graduation. Whenever I talk to someone who’s thinking about going to NP school, I just want to shout, “YES! DO IT! DO IT NOW! YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!”

In other school-related news, I also mentioned that Jeremy started Seminary this week! He’s only 2 classes in so far (he’s got GREEK this afternoon, which I’m eager to hear about tonight), but I am so excited for him to be in school. I think for two reasons: One, I like being in school and after working in the real world, I so appreciate living the life of a student. And two, with me half way through NP school, and him starting Seminary, it feels like we’re really heading toward the things we really want to do as a family with the rest of (or at least the bulk of) our lives. And that is exciting. I feel very invested in him being at TEDS getting his MDiv. It’s exciting to think that God is preparing us for something big in our future lives, and that someday not far off, he’s going to launch us into the work he has for us. Who knows exactly what that will be, but that’s sort of the exciting part.

Well I could probably go on for a long time, just blabbing with my fingers to the keyboard, but I should probably get moving on some school work. I hope the coming of fall is as invigorating for you as it is for me. Cheers!