IMG_4206Twenty-two days ago, baby Ez came. I can hardly believe it was only just over three weeks ago that we were waiting, wondering when this little man would show up. It feels like months since I was pregnant, pondering what this little person would be like, finding it hard to imagine what it would be like when we’d finally meet.

The evening of September 27th (the day after my due date–also historically the day women in my family have gone into labor) was a beautiful one. I had spent the day studying hard for NP boards with my friends while Jeremy worked from home, and we decided we had better spend the evening enjoying the gorgeous weather and relaxing a little after a hard day’s work.


It was my absolute favorite kind of evening. We walked to the square for a picnic dinner, stopping at one of our favorite places (Half Italian) for provisions. We ate on the grass and took the long way home to stroll down our favorite neighborhood streets. It was lovely in every way. Gorgeous weather, the best company, and plenty of time to slow down and just enjoy this short season of life for an evening.


We half-jokingly referred to all our jaunting around the neighborhood as a “baby march,” and wouldn’t you know it–by 8pm the contractions started. Also, remember that my sister-in-law was pregnant with my next baby niece, due the very same day as me? Well that evening she was also still waiting for her little one to arrive, and we had been texting a lot over the previous days and weeks–constantly checking in with each other. “How are you doing? Hello?? ARE YOU IN LABOR?!?!” You know, that sort of thing. So of course I texted her when I started having these contractions. And THIS HAPPENED:

laborstartingNo joke. My niece was born later that night. !!! Amazing. I could not believe we ended up going into labor on the same day (at the same TIME!!!), and having our kids less than 24 hours apart. Yowwwwza! It was pretty special, and certainly an encouragement (not to mention an inspiration) to hear of my niece’s arrival as I was in the beginning stages of labor.

I won’t go into all the details of my labor and delivery, but I know some of you are probably curious as to whether we went through with the home birth we were planning (or maybe more accurately how we survived it), so I’ll give you the short version. There’s nothing really crazy or surprising to tell. My labor was about 17 hours. Contractions steadily increased in frequency, duration, and intensity. It all started around 8 at night, and by the time we got into bed, contractions were painful enough that there wasn’t much hope for me sleeping. By 10am the next morning, our doula headed over and our midwives showed up around 11am. By noon I was 7 1/2cm dilated and around 3ish I got in the infamous tub and started pushing. Ez was born at 4:47pm. Giving birth was freaking intense. By far the hardest thing I’d ever done. But the vibe in our apartment was more chill than I imagined it would be during labor and I managed to get through it without doing anything crazy or swearing at my husband, which I consider a major win.

Honestly the best part about having a home birth was being home riiiight after the baby came. We so very much love our home, and it was soooooo wonderful to be in a place that we love and which feels so familiar and important to us. Also, within the first week of having Ez we had to take him to the hospital for jaundice, so it was especially a blessing to have been home those first few days. The very evening Ez was born, both sets of our parents, my sister, and my nephew Wyatt came over, and it was sooooo wonderful to have everyone with our new baby in our cozy living room. I would totally have another kid this way, even though it means no drugz (and let me tell you, I totally get why people opt for epidurals during labor 🙂 ).

Having a newborn is not easy peasy, but we totally love this kid, think he’s a gem, and I am lo-ving not being pregnant.

I gave myself two weeks to rest hard core and mainly not think about my NP boards. But those two weeks have come and gone and I have officially scheduled my exam, so you can start praying for me immediately. I’m trying not to think too much about how hard they will be and whether I will pass and what I will do if I don’t etc. etc. so as not to go crazy, but let me tell you having that exam on the calendar is fa-fa-freaky. SO. We had a child, but life keeps on trucking along. Yikes!!! God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, right? Pray pray pray and I will keep you posted on what happens!