what to say

belltower I’m trying to sum up how my life has been affected by my experiences at Biola, what development in mind and character I’ve experienced throughout my time at school, and what preparation I’ve received for the future there… all in one page.

Yeah right. One page? I think I could write a book on this. I could go on and on. And then on some more about how I feel like I’m just getting started.

This one page paper, or biographical sketch, is for Biola’s honors society. You can apply to get into it if your GPA is at a certain place your last semester of school. But it’s not just any honors society. Well, I don’t know. Maybe it is. But for some reason it means a lot to me. And any honors society that wants to know about the three things I mentioned earlier is something I want to be associated with. So here I am, trying to get even a decent outline on some paper.

I guess it’s good that this is so difficult. I’m thankful for the ways God has used Biola to work in me, produce change and development. But gosh, what an overwhelming task to put it all into one page. I’ll let you know how it goes.


time for another tribute

This is a tribute to my sister-in-law Becca Mann. She’s great, and I was inspired to tribute her today for two reasons:

1. Right now, she is at home, while her husband is in Burkina-Faso, Africa for three weeks! What a great example of a loving, supportive wife who knows a thing or two about perseverance.

2. She’s one person I can always count on to watch my flip videos and read my blog. I know there are others of you out there, but Becca really has a knack for this. Her and her husband are the ones who inspired me to do all this techno-communication in the first place.

Ok. So, here goes the tribute:

Let’s get a picture on here just to get things started. Here’s one of Becca with her hubs, one of my bro-fo-in-laws, from who knows when:


Aside from being my most fashion-savvy family member, Becca is all of these things (and more):

1. Smart and ambitious. Becca works at a church, is married to a youth pastor, invests in many of the lives of younger people at her church, takes really good care of their awesome house in Salem, Oregon, spends time with friends, reads a lot of Real Simple, AND goes to school!

2. Hi.larious. I love spending time with her because she makes me laugh a lot. It’s fun being with her and her husband too because they tend to elevate each others’ levels of funny when they’re in the same room.

3. Really great to talk to. Becca is really good at investing in people’s lives. She knows how to have a good conversation and obviously cares about doing so. I always appreciate her desire to share herself with others in honest and humbling ways.

4. Interesting and helpful. I always love heading to her blog, because she’s usually got something worth reading or seeing. Whether it be some good wisdom on life’s circumstances, a recent find, or some great practical tips, I’m always glad I visited.

5. Great at reflecting. Becca is great at sharing her thoughts about life. She’s sensitive to what God may be doing in her life and always seems to be working toward meaningful growth. I’m reminded by the way she lives her life how important it is to constantly be making progress on becoming the people God wants us to be.

Well, kids. I hope you feel honored to have read about this great great tributed individual. Cheers for Becca!


The other day I was riding in my car when I was suddenly hit by the striking realization that my sunglasses have officially gone out of style. No really, they’re terribly out of style. I’m not the kind of person who cares (or notices much, for that matter) when something of mine is not the trendiest thing out there. But these sunglasses are painstakingly obviously out. of. style.

So. I decided to take matters into my own hands and purchase myself some aviators. (I don’t know if aviators classify as ‘in style,’ but I don’t think they technically ever go out of style… and I’ve wanted to look that cool for some time now.) After a wonderful weekend with some friends, I came home determined to find the exact gold-rimmed Banana Republic aviators one of my friends had purchased. (I tried them on. They made me look awesome.) Imagine me in these babies:


Now imagine me in those babies with no money in my pockets. Because that’s what I was going to look like had I bought these off amazon for a whopping $80. I have a moral objection to spending above $12 on a pair of sunglasses for me for this reason: I’ve been known to step on, sit on, and/or misplace every pair of sunglasses that have ever lived as mine (with the exception of the really out-of-style ones that are still sitting in my car).

So. Struck down, but not destroyed, I came up with the clever idea of searching “aviators” on amazon, instead of “gold-rimmed Banana Republic aviators.” And I came across these babies:


And when I say these babies, this time I mean these as in this-order-comes-with-three-pairs-for-the-price-of-one at only $2.06 + shipping. shaBAM! (Yeah, so they look a little bit more like they belong to an old school dirty cop. What of it?) Will I always be longing for those ridiculously-pricey-but-make-me-look-awesome aviators from Banana Republic, or did I come out ahead? You decide.


peppers and tomatoes


Jeremy and I love living in the city. We do. Believe it or not, Los Angeles has snuck into our hearts and stolen many of our affections. For those of you without close relations to this city, it has nothing to do with famous people or paparazzi. Maybe some of my love for LA stems from other peoples’ disgust with the place. (you know… “Uh, I hate LA. It’s disgusting. Have you SEEN the smog?! And the driving! I don’t know how people LIVE there.”) Generally, I’m a lover of the underdog.

Anyways, our love for the city has not made us strictly cityfolk. We’ve been working toward self-sufficiency in our little urban homestead. Someday we’ll get fresh eggs from chickens we keep in a small backyard; for now, Jeremy’s putting together a vegetable garden.


He fashioned two self-watering planters with a few 5-gallon buckets, some PC piping, and our new drill:


Now we’ve got tomatoes, green peppers, and lemon thyme happily growing on our bottom steps.


We’re hoping these little guys will allow us to fashion our own salsa and pasta sauce. Until then, we’re eagerly awaiting the veggies of our labors (well, mostly my husband’s labor.)


It happened. I got the offer. It’s official: I am going to be an ICU nurse. I’M GOING TO BE AN ICU NURSE!!! I’m so thankful this was one thing I asked God for that He answered with a big fat “yes.” Thanks. Praise God. This is going to be an incredible journey (and let’s be honest, it’s pretty freaky). I am SO PUMPED. Thanks for your support and prayers. Here’s a picture of my future workplace:


WHAT is going to happen?


People. I’m having a moment here. Some moments, rather. This is the week I’m supposed to hear back from UCLA; have my destiny handed to me by a few humans at the greatest hospital on the West Coast. (I’m being dramatic, for… well, for dramatic effect.) Seriously though, I’m kind of freaking out just a little. It’s Tuesday and I’m trying not to think about it too much, but it’s hard. I do not have the composure to try and explain to you right now how much I want this job!

I’m especially getting freaked out because I’m working tomorrow. Setting foot in this place that will either crush all my dreams or hand me the greatest opportunity of my adultish life so far in just a mere few phone calls! Pray for me. Pray that this great nice woman likes me, calls me, and offers me a job.

I will keep you posted. Oh will I.



Well. We’re finally making successful strides toward really taking root in our community. We’ve found a new home church. And this church is actually a home church, meaning it’s where we live, hooray! Every Sunday we drive up the 101 North about 10 minutes to Hellen Bernstein High, home of our new church, RealityLA.

I know I know, what’s with that name? And why do I have a massive picture of the Hollywood sign at the top of this post?

Well the name has to do with the church’s desire to speak real live truth into the world and especially this city. The sign is there because Reality is right smack dab in the near center of LA, and the Hollywood sign comes into view every week as we leave.

You should be really happy for us, and praise God with us, because this church is the. Bomb. The people there are really wonderful and love Jesus with such conviction. AND they all live by us! Well, not all of them. But it feels that way! Tonight we got invited to a guy’s house for dinner and a group of people from Reality there just hung out and got to know each other. It took us about 30 seconds to get there. Hallelujah.

Aside from the great experience we’ve had with the people, the preaching is so wonderful. I don’t mean, “The preacher guy is amazing and I’m really entertained.” The gospel is unapologetically preached every single week; I always leave church feeling challenged and like I’ve learned something. I’m continuously pointed to the cross and urged to live in light of God’s truth. It’s really cool. All the sermons are online and if you’re looking for a great podcast (or even if you’re not) you should take a listen.

There’s not much else I’d like to say right now about Reality. I just felt like I needed to let you know how well it’s going. And I cannot WAIT to take you there if you come and visit us over a Sunday.