meet Flan

She’s the nicest kitten I’ve ever known. And I mean I’m a kitten foster parent; I’ve seen kittens. She’s great.

I mean look at her.P1010004

She just came up here and sat on me like that. On her own initiative. Nice work, Flan. You get the pretty-much-everything-I’ve-ever-wanted-in-a-kitten award.

The thing is, Flan (or Flannery, which is her full name, in case you’re wondering what kind of an absurd name for a cat Flan is) is not supposed to be ours for keeps. But she just won’t get adopted. She’s been to two adoption fairs with no takers because she freaks. out. (There’s a very real chance she’s trying to sabotage the adoption process.) Her little kitten bio is on the website, but no one has called and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s due to the warning about her “neurological disorder.”

See, she came to us as a bit of a special needs cat. Her back legs weren’t working quite right, which apparently means she had some neuro thing. But her legs are fine now and aside from the fact that her meows only make noise when she’s out of sight, she’s perfectly normal.

Wow. It seems as though this blog post has taken a surprisingly sharp turn for boring. Well, you can admire Flan up there. Heck, call me if you know someone who wants a stellar kitten.


oh to be in Minnesota

Autumn at the Basillica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, MNMinneapolis fall

I need a vacation. We need a vacation. It’s time for a vacation. (Here comes your warning: this is not necessarily a good mood post.)

We have not left the state of California for almost one full year. An entire year we have been within the borders of California. That’s gross (no offense, California).

I have not seen my family since May. MAY. That’s almost a half a year ago. That’s dumb. They get to hang out with each other all the time.

It’s lovely and fallish and rainy here, but there is no one to enjoy it with. My friends live about a century away. OR they have regular jobs, which require them to work every day like normal people. So. No coffee dates. No pumpkin spice lattes, unless I want to bike down to the ghetto Starbucks down the street in the rain, to sit inside the laundromat/arcade (what?) by myself.

The cat peed on our comforter. And I slept with it before I noticed. Ick.

Jeremy and I still own the Mazda. Blegh.

I have to do these online modules for work, which means I get to sit in front of the computer for hours on my days off.

You’ll have to excuse my negativity. I’m not saying I have the worst life or that everything is going crappily. I just need a vacation. I’m not the kind of person who says things like “I need a vacation.” But come on. You saw that picture up there.

We’re due for a trip to the Midwest. I haven’t been in Minnesota during the fall in over 5 years. Since High School, people. And in case you didn’t know, Minnesota is the absolute BEST place to be for the season called autumn. My mom and sister called me today while they were out running errands together. It sounds like it snowed there for a day or so, but it’s all gone, and the leaves are still all there and I’m sure they probably stopped at some point for a little bit of Caribou (or at least they would have, had I been there to persuade them). It’s probably getting dark early, and I’m sure my mom is making delicious things for dinner.

The Manns are there with their tandem bike. The lakes are there with their beautiful walking, biking, and running paths. My grandparents are there with their nice homes to visit. The air is fresh and brisk. You have to wear boots, or at least real shoes. My pappy is around most of the time, with his silly jokes and delightful sense of humor. The unfriendly cats are roaming the house, and it’s so easy to make them hiss (and ah, what a blissful pastime). I’d like to go.