ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner

Well, people. I’m glad to announce that we have found a new friend to replace the Centurion. Feast your eyes on the fuj:


Apparently–technically–this Fuji is actually better than the Centurion. And I have to say… that Centurion-shaped hole I told you about has been pretty well filled with this here bike. There’s just something about that no-nonsense brown frame that says, “What? I’m just a bomb vintage bike. I’m so awesome I don’t need flashy paint to make it look like I am.” I just can’t get enough of this bike. I mean, here, check it out from another angle:


How can you help but have respect for that thing? Heck, I wish it was mine.

On another replacing-stolen-things related note: Wednesday I got a new wallet because my old one got stolen at work. I also got a new bank account, drivers license, RN license, credit card, and a host of other things that aren’t nearly as fun and that I’m not going to show you a picture of. Here’s the wallet:


Not bad, right? So life goes on. Just thought I’d update you on our new finds. Next on the list is operation sell Erin’s Schwinn for a women’s roadbike.


Don’t Steal

I already showed you this bike because it looks just like Jeremy’s kick-a Centurion.Red Centurion

In case you don’t know much about bikes, it’s pretty much one of the coolest bikes out there. It’s not just any trusty, smooth, good-looking roadbike. It’s vintage, so it’s got lots of character. This ain’t no grab-it-off-the-shelf-at-target-order-me-up-another-one-of-those bikes. It’s one of a kind. ONE. OF. A. KIND. people.

Well today something really stupid happened. Yeah, this is so lame I’m using the word “stupid,” which you only use a) when you’re 12; OR b) when something is so bad that you can only really describe it by resorting to words like “stupid” (or crasser profanities–I choose not to go that far).

Jeremy’s bike got stolen. STOLEN. GONE. POOF–just like that. Some kid cut through our bike lock and took that thing like it was his (or her) own. Blast blast and criminy sticks of poo. That bike cannot be replaced.

Jeremy says LAUSD will most likely reimburse him for a new bike. That doesn’t help at all. “Man, bad day today, my kid got stolen.” “Oh don’t worry, we’ll cover the cost for a new one.” Blah. Ok so it’s not as bad as someone napping your kid, but that Centurion had a special place in our lives, and now we have little vintage Red Centirion-shaped holes in our hearts that can never be re-filled.

Criminals and pre-criminals don’t think these things through when they’re taking your bikes. All I can say is someone in the universe better be out there appreciating that bike like we do.

Oh. A bit of a p.s. I did some blogging about my first day of work. You can check it out here if you’re interested.

Figs for August 9th

No, no. Not these kind of figs:


Gross. Come on. THIS is the Figs I’m talking about:

Figs my sister

Her “real” name is Lauren. But I call her by many names (such as Figs, Figgy, Figgy-wouldn’t-would-she, Figgers, Figgin, Feign-an-illness, Fain, Fernain, LeurFain, etc.–and the list truly does go on). The reason this blog post is entitled “Figs for August 9th” is because this one and only Figs was born on that day 25 years ago. And since we are already two days past the momentous occasion (also known in our family as “the best day of the year”), a tribute to this exceptional human being is overdue.

This is my big sister. And you should know right off the bat that I’m sure there’s never been a better sister. Not even probably a sister who came anywhere close to the great sister that she is.

It goes without saying that she’s absolutely gorgeous. People know it just by looking at her once, so I don’t need to go into vast detail to try and convince you of this.

Looks aside, she’s one of the best people you can know. She’s got an incredible sense of humor, which makes being her sister a real hoot. There is hands down no one I laugh harder and more frequently with than Fain. She’s a major part of why I have so many great memories of growing up in the Moore family.

She’s also kind and considerate. I admire her quickness to give others the benefit of the doubt, and she’s careful to really love others well. She’s the most loyal friend I know and consistently proves to be the person I can call to feel like someone really knows me even when I feel like life is throwing me around.

She’s incredibly smart and thoughtful. I love talking with Fain because conversations with her never fail to turn into conversations about the things that really matter most in life. She’s strong, generous, an amazing singer, good at reading interesting books, cares about the right things, loves her family and loves the Lord.

She has pretty much all the qualities I wish I had more of. Here’s to Fain! A woman who is easy to love, and inspires us to become better human beings for the purpose of glorifying the good God who made her!

summer things

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love summer. Not just the months that technically make it up, or the lack of work and school–more the weather, the patterns of sunlight, and all the things you tend to do as a result. Lately, Jeremy and I have been very intentional about squeezing all we possibly can out of our last days of summer.

Friday we spent the afternoon at the J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. We had a picnic lunch on the lawn and then took advantage of their “Realism to Impressionism” tour. Here are my two favorite paintings we looked at on the tour:

The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis1. The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis, Jacques-Louis David, 1818 (this one’s my first favorite… also the first and earliest painting we looked at on the tour)

The Rue Mosnier with Flags2. The Rue Mosnier with Flags, Édouard Manet, 1878 (a close second… this one looks especially neat in person because the strokes are very thick and splotchy)

If you’ve never been to the Getty, you should go–even if you’re not into art. The architecture of the place is a sight in itself, the grounds are green and lush, the art is diverse and beautiful, and the views of Los Angeles are worth the trip. It’s free, too. Check it out.

After the Getty, we drove our bikes down to Santa Monica for some riding on the beach. Riding bikes is something you should try to do a lot of in the summertime. Last night we rode to LA’s best Gillato stop, and this week we plan to ride to both the Arclight and Griffith Park. Jeremy rides my mountain bike when we’re together, because it has a hard time keeping up with his slick vintage road bike (which he lets me ride). What a husband. This is kind of what his bike looks like:

Red Centurion

Yesterday we got up early to go on a neighborhood walk for District No. 13 (this is the district office Jeremy is working for this summer) and then had a delicious brunch at a new found gem in Silverlake called Madame Matisse. I had the best french toast of my life there, but we both decided the name was bad because we couldn’t remember it for the life of us.

All this fun and exploring on bikes has us thinking about ditching one of our cars. The Mazda has been in the shop for over a month now, and we’ve faired surprisingly well without it. I know it’s summer, but we’re seriously questioning the need for us to have two cars for the next couple years. Jeremy can bike to school when he needs to, and I always have the metro as a last resort. There are only a couple days a week max one of us absolutely needs a car. We’d really do best off with maybe 1.5 cars. So we’re toying with the idea of getting one of these babies:

Red Honda Bike

For fun, Saturday we did a little recon at a local vintage motorcycle shop in Silverlake. We found a little Honda 350 just like this one–teal instead of red–that I pretty much fell in love with. Now don’t panic. We would of course never take a bike like this (or any kind of motorcycle for that matter) on the freeway. If we did buy a bike like this, it would only be for tooling around on sidestreets.

I start work tomorrow, but summer isn’t really over until Jeremy’s school year begins. I hope you feel inspired to make the most of your summer. We’ll keep you posted on ours.

turning and tossing

I can’t sleep. I tried laying in bed with my eyes closed, but I can’t stop thinking about dark blue scrubs and nurse managers and the Getty and the beach. I suppose it’s because tomorrow (well–today, actually) Jeremy and I are going to UCLA to pick up my new scrubs and meet my new manager before we head off to the Getty and then the beach.

Tuesday I signed my papers for UCLA, and next week will be my first week of real work as an RN. It makes sense that I’m excited to visit the hospital tomorrow and begin in three short days. But excited enough to prevent me from sleeping three whole days before it all really starts?

I’m not anxious. I mean I don’t feel nervous. I don’t think I should be freaked out. I had hot dogs and coffee with Kate Jordan today, who–as of last night–has two full shifts in her brand new surgical ICU under her belt. I asked her if she got a little nervous before her first couple days and her answer was pretty much just plain “no.” My other friends who have started also seem to be doing fine. No one seems really worried, or like they nearly wet their pants each morning as they drive to work.

It is a little fishy, however, that I’m awake, unable to sleep, like I said, before the weekend even really gets going. Maybe I’m just really excited about going to the Getty and the beach. Although I noticed I started biting my lip tonight, which is something I tend to do when I’m sort of subconsciously stressed or anxious about something.

It’d be nice if my rational mind could have a little more control over whatever part of me is responsible for these little “feelings” that rudely creep up on me without my permission. I know I’ll be fine. I’m pretty confident I’ll make new friends, learn a lot, and eventually become a really good nurse. But I have a feeling the road there will be tricky for me in some ways. That’s good, I suppose. Wouldn’t want to get out of college and feel like things got easier now, right? Nah. Bring it on. (Carefully, please?)