sleep and home and chicks



IMG_2023Well its sure been a while. It’s been a far less busy school term than previous ones, and I’ve been taking advantage of the extra time (and mental space) by doing a whole lot of napping. The winter is still very gray (although we had a couple days of sunshine; I nearly thought I’d died and gone to heaven) and dreary, although I’d say I’m generally tolerating the weather. I forced myself this afternoon to break out my camera and take a few shots around the house.

We’re beginning the process of renovating the first floor apartment, and it feels good to finally be making some headway on that massive project. Everything is being torn up today: floors, walls, cabinets, tiles, everything. I think this is going to be one highly satisfying project when all is said and done. Only downside: as usual, I did not do an adequate job getting good before pictures. Shoot.

The chickens are well. Our newest arrivals are still inside with us, although we had to put a cover on the tub they’re staying in after we came home and found them wandering around the office floor (they jumped out and hopped off of the desk, which their tub sits on). Considering they’re living inside, they’re surprisingly low maintenance, although I’m looking forward to the day they’ll join their other feathered friends out of doors in the back yard.

Well I apologize but I just don’t have too much to report, despite the amount of time that’s passed since I last wrote. Hope you are well!



ten on ten : february 2013

Ten on ten was a challenge for me today because I’m feeling totally uninspired and pessimistic lately, almost entirely on account of the disgusting Chicago weather that is typical this time of year. Growing up in Minnesota, winters were cold but at least the sun shone on a regular basis. In Chicago, the sun basically packs up and leaves, not to return until springtime comes. Triple BLAH. I’m beginning to understand the people who ask why anyone takes up residence in this area of the country. Here is my best effort at ten pictures, one every hour, on yet another day full of gloom here in the windy city. [Side note: it was a bit of an unconventional Sunday for us, because we went to our church’s Saturday night service last night. It made for a nice relaxing morning together, which I was thankful to have, in spite of the terrible weather.]










IMG_1932{baby fern} {chickies} {breakfast time} {weather} {Loraine at the Ivy} {faux spring} {supper club plotting} {pair of lepidopterists} {playing smooch} {dried fleurs}