deep breaths

My toddler is NUTS right now. I mean, he’s a great kid. Maybe even a particularly great kid, for his age? But he’s at that two-and-rounding-the-bend-about-to-hit-that-apparently-infamous-terrible-THREES stage, which means some days are just complete and utter insanity. Like I-cannot-even-understand-what-you-are-saying-I-don’t-understand-you-were-just-totally-fine-WHAT-are-we-freaking-out-about-again?? insanity. Comical insanity, even, when I’m on my A game. Immediately followed by GIGGLES and KISSES ON THE FACE of course. HOW… More deep breaths

the hardest thing

A Community Health Center is not an easy place to work. It’s not an easy place to spend your first year as a new Nurse Practitioner. Even with solid co-workers and bosses that genuinely care about you, its very difficult work. Patients are scheduled to be seen in fifteen minute appointment slots; patients who have… More the hardest thing

Holy Week

It’s Holy Week. The most important, best week of the Christian calendar. I love this week. The world of greeting cards and mushy feel-good holiday half-truths has not hijacked Easter quite like it’s hijacked Christmas, and while celebrating God becoming man is amazing and right and good, remembering his death and resurrection is the true heart… More Holy Week