Success and the Road Ahead

FINALLY. A new post. Right? Ok so maybe you haven’t been eagerly waiting to hear from me, but I’ve been eager to find myself back at my wordpress again. 

We went to Chicago.

I had two hopes for this trip: 1. Find an apartment; 2. Get excited to live in Chicago. 

Mission accomplished. Done and done. What a city! It rained nearly the entire time we were there and we still walked everywhere (my feet were sore for a couple days following our return home). The streets are narrow, the sidewalks are wide and there are trees everywhere! People were nice and they were proud of their city. We saw squirrels and birds and butterflies all over the place. The architecture was a pleasure to look at and public transportation was never too far. Here’s us the day we signed our lease (in front of our apartment of course):

We love our apartment in LA. Love love love it. We thought it’d be hard to find a place that could make us feel the way our current apartment made us feel the night we first found it. But when we walked into this little living space, we both knew right away we wanted it to be our new home. It’s perfect. The walls need some new paint, and we’re downsizing when it comes to closet space, but it has all the old world Chicago charm I could ask for. It’s a couple blocks walk to the El, a hop, skip and a jump to the park, and down the street from a delicious bagel shop (yes!). 

Needless to say, we came home from Chicago excited to go back.

Jeremy had eighth grade graduation on Monday so he is now officially on Summer Break. As he was finishing up, I managed to stumble upon a couple of open positions in ICUs at a great Chicago hospital, Northwestern Memorial.

After talking with a recruiter at the beginning of the week, I now have two interviews scheduled for July 7th. I’m excited about the opportunity but keeping my expectations in check.

We’ve been spending time with friends and packing up a storm most of the week. We spent the better part of today planning paint colors for the new pad, experimenting with design websites and varying color palates. We’re excited about what we’ve come up with for the living room, dining room, bed room, and kitchen (can’t wait to get paint on the walls!!!):

We’re extremely fortunate to have two sets of loving parents meeting us in Chicago to help us paint, unpack, and enjoy our new city for the first few days. 

I know there will probably be rough patches ahead. Perhaps dead ends in the job search. Long days with little to do and no close friends to spend time with. Bad weather days and days where the dog pees on the leather couch (DID I MENTION WE’RE GETTING A YORKIE?!). But I can’t help feeling positive about it all for now. The Lord has so taken care of us thus far and He’s proved his faithfulness time and time again. Here’s to a close future full of eager springs, restful summers, beautiful falls, and dag-nabit HEARTY winters!