Maytime ramblings

I’m pretty sure whoever said that April showers bring May flowers was from the Midwest. Tulips are seriously popping up all over the city of Chicago and the magnolia trees are beginning to bloom. May Day was one of my favorite minor holidays growing up and it’s no wonder we celebrated it every year in Minnesota. There’s just nothing better than seeing plants, trees, and flowers come back to life after a long, cold winter.

Jeremy and I took Will for a walk after dinner tonight and it was so wonderful to feel the sun and see people outside again. The weather plays a much more significant role in your life when it’s changing all the time.

Jeremy’s 26th birthday is on Monday. Twenty-SIX! I can hardly believe we’re that old. We’re still looking into buying a house and it seriously makes me feel like a kid. I have this feeling I’ll think of myself as 22 forever; old enough to be out of college, but never really getting into my mid-late 20’s. I’ll be 25 in exactly one month from today. Weird.

Today I felt oddly inspired to get back to learning the piano. I’ve really dropped the ball on the piano ever since I decided I couldn’t swallow spending $50 a week on organized lessons. I know enough about music and the piano to teach myself more than I currently know, and I’m determined to get on that.

I’ll close with this awesome picture of Brandon Flowers performing in D.C. Turns out I just love his solo album, Flamingo. Pure gold.