ten on ten : august 2013

The fact that I’ve missed the past couple ten on tens is testimony to how cray cray things have been. And the fact that I’m back for ten on ten this month (albeit posting a bit on the later side) feels like a glorious accomplishment for me. I felt a little rusty, but it also felt so great to have my camera glued to me for another ten hour span, and the tenth of this month was an incredibly sweet Saturday for me. I spent most of the day hanging around the house with my hubs and the smooch (we managed to eat two meals outside–woot!!!). And then Jeremy and I attended  the most gorgeous wedding I’ve ever been to. Our dear friends (who will soon live together in our first floor apartment) tied the knot yesterday, and it was such a blessing to be a part of their special day. Seriously one of the neatest couples I know, and the entire evening reflected them so well. My biggest ten on ten regret is that I didn’t bring my Canon into the reception, which was basically a photographer’s dream. It was seriously magical. Regardless, hope you enjoy my ten this month! [Side note: Jer joined in on the fun this month, and took two of the ten. Fun to have him snapping photogs with me, but he did force me to put in the picture of myself taking a picture of him with my phone.]











{breakfast on the porch} {porch smooch} {thank yous} {inside shower fleurs} {tomatoes} {pic of a pic *photo credit: the Jer} {backyard rose} {silkie eyes *photo credit: the Jer} {everybody wants a carrot} {Norquardts}


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