morning statement of faith

Sixteen weeks. Sixteen short weeks from now, this boy will be out of my belly, into our arms, and into our lives in a way that will forever change everything. HOLY COW, has this ever snuck up on me. Life has been so wonderful and so busy these past months that I’ve spent so little time quieting my heart, asking God to prepare me, train me, ready my soul. It’s so easy–so concrete–to throw myself into practical preparations for baby. Developing a registry has been my most challenging feat thus far, and I’ve got a list of other baby-and-labor-related-to-dos ready to be addressed. But what of my heart and my soul?

I remember my sister-in-law (whose first baby girl was brought into our lives through international adoption) telling me that biological child bearing felt like such a speedy process. One day you find out you’re pregnant, and seemingly the next you’ve got an infant in your arms. Your life forever changed, a sudden shift in your universe, whether you’re ready or not. I remember her (long before we were on the road to becoming parents) encouraging me to spend plenty of time during pregnancy listening to God, reading His word, asking Him for His guidance and wisdom and grace.

A few days ago my mom sent me a Morning Statement of Faith, passed along to her by a friend, which has stuck with me, and has been a helpful guide in pointing my heart, mind, and soul in the right direction on more than one day. I am struck by how much I daily need to be reminded of who God is, and who I am in Him. Perhaps it will encourage you as well.

Morning Statement of Faith

I believe that today:

1. God is sovereignly directing my life as I yield myself to Him, and that He loves me unconditionally, and I love Him and put Him first in my life.

2. Christ is my Lord and Master, and I seek to abide in Him and do His will immediately and exactly.

3. The Holy Spirit is my friend, teacher and guide, who will open and close doors today and fill me with Himself to make me an effective servant. 

4. I now commit my [husband] and my family to the Lord, who loves them as well as those others I love. They too are in His sovereign care. 

5. I step out in bold faith and relax in the Lord, and enjoy this day given to me by Him. I trust Him to use me this day. 


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