big life things lately

It’s nearly unbelievable all that’s happened since I last really sat down here and wrote. We’ve settled into a new church home. We became parents-to-be and I flew through one whole trimester of pregnancy. I traveled to Minnesota. We made the decision to fly to Hong Kong this May. Jeremy got accepted to a program that’s going to pay for him to visit Poland and Germany this summer.  And THIS happened (and is still happening, actually) over Easter weekend:

IMG_2214I apologize for being mostly absent over the past few months. Let me see if I can successfully hit on a few major areas without completely failing to do them justice.

The new church. Yes, it’s been sad to be absent from Covenant at times. But Calvary has been such a delightful blessing, and our short time there has continued to confirm that this was the right move for us. I feel incredibly invested in the leadership, and already have deep affections for the church. The pastors and their families are the kinds of people you just want to spend hours with, mostly to take notes on how they do life. It’s been humbling, and such a blessing, to share life with them in small ways. Many of the people we’ve met (pastors, elders, attenders) have struck me as people I have lots to learn from. That’s been really neat. And more generally, I’ve been struck by the warmth of the people I’ve met. We’ve definitely felt welcomed into the community.

The pregnancy. We found out pretty early, sort of by accident. After Christmas we had decided we were entering a sort of safe zone in regards to pregnancy. In other words, less than nine months stood between me and the end of my NP program. So around mid January, when I’d had a stressful day, wasn’t in the greatest mood, and wanted to have a glass of red wine while I made dinner for some friends coming over later, I knew there was a chance I could be pregs. I didn’t think it was a very good chance; I didn’t feel pregnant, it was the first month it was even possible that I could be pregnant, and I knew that these things usually take some time. But I sort of felt like I could use some confirmation, in order to enjoy my wine guilt-free and in peace. Jeremy, on an earlier date upon discovering the cost of pregnancy tests, had made me swear I would never again take one without telling him first. So when I asked if I could pleeeeaaaase take a pregnancy test so I can have a glass of wine come onnnn it’s been a long dayyyy  he was hesitant to agree. I promised I wouldn’t do this next month, and that next time I used a test I would only do so if I had good reason to suspect I was pregnant. He caved, I took the test, and was surprised to find two pink lines staring up at me. “Jeremy. There’s two lines on this thing.” “What does that mean?” “It’s positive.” He walked over from the other room. “Are these things usually pretty accurate?” “I mean yeah, I think so. I’m pretty sure it can’t be positive if you’re not pregnant.” We were both calm. Surprised (oddly, now that I look back), excited, calm. I remember saying, “I mean… should we like… call our parents?” And we did. Also our siblings. And then we had a really wonderful evening with some sweet friends. So this baby’s due September 26th, about a month after I complete my program. Just in time [fingers crossed] for me to take my boards before I deliver. Yes, we will find out the gender of the little bean, around mid May. We’re pumped. My sister is having a baby at the end of April, and my sis in law is pregnant as well, due two days after me (which in the world of having babies is essentially the exact same day). CRAZY TIMES. The fams are expanding and the infamous Mann Family Dynasty is officially on its way to becoming a reality.

Demolition. We spent Easter weekend taking down the paneling-made-to-look-like-wainscoting in our hallway and kitchen. Everything under the paneling was cracked plaster, so our project wound up involving drywalling as well, which we had to do in order to put up our own wainscoting a little lower than the paneling had been. It’s taken four full days of work so far; Jeremy is hoping to finish the actual installation this evening, so that we can clean up all the construction dust we’ve made. After all of that, we’ll prime, paint, and call it good. I’ve been doing a decent job documenting the process, so I’ll show you some befores and afters at some point. It’s been a fun project. Manual labor is surprisingly enjoyable when you don’t do it on a very regular basis.

Well, I really hope you are well. Looking forward to the months ahead!


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