just a hello on a Saturday



biblestudyIt’s been one of those delightfully peaceful Saturday mornings today. This week was filled with long days and long nights, so I’m reveling in the quiet, restful morning. My favorite kind of Saturday usually involves the following: sleeping in (but not too late), coffee, reading, house or life errands together, and time spent with friends. Today is a day for all of these things, and I’m soaking it in for all its worth.

Things are well around here. School is challenging, as usual, but I’m enjoying it. God is giving me the ability to keep overwhelming stress at bay, and I am having an amazing time in clinical learning how to be an NP.

Jeremy and I are thinking about getting a couple more chickens next month. Tragically (!), our chickens were attacked for the first time ever while we were away at Christmastime (turns out Will has a job in this house!), and now we’re down two silkies. Our local bird/feed store is getting all kinds of chicks in February, and we’re hoping to snag a couple Silver Laced Wyandottes. Lately I’ve felt especially fond of the chickens, and have been getting an immense amount of joy out of their presence in our little yard. The Silkies have thick, soft winter coats, and are looking more and more like giant fluff balls next to the Red Stars, who are already bigger than the Silkies and still growing like crazy. Whenever I come home in the afternoons or venture outside in the middle of the day, the chickens all walk up to the fence and cluck their little hearts out, like they’re telling me hello. It is so fun having them. Lately Jeremy has been dreaming of someday owning a building next to a vacant lot, where we keep chickens, bees, a goat, perhaps a sheep or two, and other city-friendly livestock. Apparently this woman is his inspiration.

Jeremy is preaching at a small church in Watseka, IL tomorrow, so he’s been working on his sermon all morning. I’ve been to this church with him one other time (he’s preached there twice), and am looking forward to going back. The people are wonderful, and it’s really neat to see him developing as a new preacher. It’s two hours away, and the drive is a nice chance to spend some uninterrupted time together, without the feeling that we should both be doing work.

I thought I’d check in here while I had some time. Nothing major to report. I hope all of you are doing well. I’ll leave you with this verse that was the opening to my Streams in the Desert reading this morning (I found it to be an encouraging reminder):

“Men ought always to pray and not to faint.” Luke 18:1b.



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  1. Jean Moore · January 22, 2013

    Imagine my glee to open the post and see that fabulous picture of Will! Nice camera work. It is great to hear of a restful day for you two! XXOO!! PS I am getting fresh farm eggs from a friend at BSF -yay!

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