ten on ten : January 2013

Back for ten on ten with Rebecca over at a bit of sunshine once more today. Although I just realized I accidentally did 12 on 10 (it’s the nurse in me), so I’m compromising by posting 11 photos. It was a typical winter day here in Chicago: very gray. But I had a lovely time snapping photos all day long. Hope you enjoy the shots!



9am10am11am12pm1pm2pm3pm5pm6pm{winter wool} {feeding the chickens} {dear friends stop by for a visit} {pool to myself} {work time at starbucks} {vanilla spice latte} {home sweet home} {afternoon snack} {study break} {thai food} {evening in another home}

*Disclaimer: my husband, who claims editorial savvy, insisted I take out one of my starbucks photos. I insisted I was there for so long (!) that taking one out would inaccurately represent my day, which would not be in line with the true spirit of ten on ten-ing.*



  1. alitajewel · January 11, 2013

    I adored looking through your day. I often will add more than ten pictures and really who is counting? Ha! Each of your captures has a warmth even though I just know how cold a mid-western winter is. That pool shot- fab! I want to go swimming now- by myself. Ahhh!

  2. Mirys · January 11, 2013

    Love your set and the way you played with the angles!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (from Brazil – but participating!)

  3. Kathleen · January 11, 2013

    Great pics, that cheese looks delicious!

  4. Karen · January 11, 2013

    Loved your pictures! I love checking out everyone’s day and getting a little glimpse in it!

  5. mmcgr01 · January 12, 2013

    great pics – love the pic of the dog…

  6. Kiki · January 13, 2013

    Wow, these are lovely, lovely photos! You definitely have a a great eye for photography.

    p.s. Thai food is the best + I really love your nails, too. 🙂

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