holiday festivities in mostly photos

It was a big year for family holiday festivities this year. Christmas started later and lasted longer than previous years, landing us in the great state of Minnesota for 13 days. We spent a week at my parents’, enjoying Christmas traditions older than me, stocking up on QT with my pregnant sister, and just generally living the good life. We ate delicious food, slept in, drank coffee in the mornings, shopped, lounged, and played games. Then it was over to the Manns’ for Christmas round two, which was five beautiful days with people we hadn’t seen in far too long. We shared our lives for five full days, doing our best to squeeze the most out of the short time we had together. Our niece is almost two and a half now, and both siblings brought us a new nephew to meet.

It’s overwhelming to think about describing the last two weeks in words, so I’m going to do this mostly through photos. So here goes. Christmas #1: Moore fam:











IMG_1129Time with my family is always special, and this Christmas was no exception. We got to spend time with my dad’s side of the fam, my mom’s side of the fam, and even the Mobergs (Matt’s parents), who I happen to also love dearly. It’s an exciting time in our lives. Sister Fain is only four months from bringing the first Moore family grandchild into the world. What a sweet blessing it was to share this Christmas as a family of six. I love love love these folks, and wish we lived a lets-go-grab-coffee distance from them all. It was sad to say goodbye, but not too sad, because I know I’ll see them again soon when we’re a little closer to baby’s due date.

So, as I mentioned, after a wonderful time at the Moores’, we headed over to casa de Mann. Moooorrreeee pictures comin your way! Christmas #2: Mann fam:













IMG_1462It was more difficult to say goodbye to the Manns this year than ever. This family is all over the place (Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington state, Hong Kong, Oregon, Ohio) which makes getting everyone together like this a rare occurrence. And my brothers and sisters-in-law are people I love and really connect with. The Mann men are a unique breed, and time spent as a family is always enlightening, encouraging, and invigorating. Add the most adorable niece and nephews on the planet and you can see why parting is (to be dramatic) such sweet sorrow. The day we left, Jer and I said goodbye to the kids when they went down for their nap, and I just felt horrible. I’m so thankful for sweet relationships with siblings, but it sure makes living far apart the worst. Thankfully the world is small and getting smaller. I’m hoping and praying we get to see them again before long.

I hope your holidays were as lovely and life-giving as mine!


One comment

  1. Jean Moore · January 7, 2013

    Thanks for all of the photos! Beautiful. We are so blessed to have our daughters have such wonderful in-law families – yay God!!!

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