It’s been a wonderful weekend. While I’ve still got one week left before the term is officially finished, all the really hard stuff is out of the way. And so I spent this weekend doing things other than work. And would you know it, our apartment was Christmafied this weekend.

willwtreeThat’s right. We got ourselves a tree. And I’m finally starting to become convinced that Christmas is perhaps coming soon.

After my last post, I bet you might be wondering how it all went down. Well the simple act of typing out my thoughts around the question of the tree actually made me feel great about living in a fake-Christmas-tree-despite-a-lack-of-legitimate-excuses home. So fake tree discussions started up again, even followed by some online perusing for dealz. I’m 90% sure we’ll be sporting a fake next Christmas, but it wasn’t in the cards for 2012.

So we started our tree hunt the best way we know how: by driving to the HOME DEPOT (booyakashah! no shame!)! Our goal was to get one of those miniature trees (maybe 4ft tall), which we’d heard cost about 50% more than we spent on our giant Scotch last year. [Whoa! Talk about opposite of dealz, right?! Yeah, I know. But I was determined to make some tough calls for the sake of Christmasing up our place, and we were mentally prepared for the expense.]

On our way in, we passed a row of Scotch Pines lined up outside the Depot. You can bet I gave those trees an I-know-about-your-fakey-dyed-pine-needles-and-lack-of-fragrance stare, saying with my eyes, You don’t fool me, SCOTCH; I know what you become after Christmas has gone.

After picking up some other goods, we made a beeline for the back of the tree lot, where apparently they keep the miniature trees. They must have been out, because the trees we’d been told about were nowhere in sight. However, there was a pile of trees that looked pretty small. Turns out they were 5 feet. We figured that would do, and headed to the check-out, where the man with the scanner proceeded to tell us the tree was TWELVE DOLLARS. Jigga who?! YES! Talk about a DEALZ. SUCCESS! And so we got ourselves a little Spruce, which fit nicely into the back seat of our car.

I can’t tell you what a wonderful time I had decorating the little Spruce. Jeremy helped some, but I mostly did it on my own while Jeremy worked on a project in the kitchen (finally getting some home-made trim on our window! woot!), and it was a charmingly relaxing way to spend the evening.

Here’s the whole tree, propped up on some old suitcases so it fills the space a bit more like a regular-sized tree might:


Ooh I just love it! I had to move our Shepherds in a Nearby Field Keeping Watch Over Their Flocks by Night a little closer to the nativity, but it was well worth it. There’s just nothing like a Christmas tree to give your house a beautifully natural warmth. Jeremy is a great husband, because even though he finds them ridiculous, he always lets me string one strand of Random Sparkle lights, which would probably be more fittingly named Spastic Sparkle. I just love the twinkling. Here’s a fun little close up, flocks visible in the background:

treeandflocksOne thing I love about decorating a tree is putting up ornaments I’ve had for years. I get such a kick out of my very own tree with little memories hanging from each of the branches. Here’s another little closeup of the Spruce all decked out:

ornamentsIt feels so good to have some Christmas in our little home. It’s coming!!! Oh, and one upside to having a little tree this year was using our extra bulbs for a little impromptu Chrismafied centerpiece (we’ve had these babies since our very first married Christmas!):

bulbsBoo yah! Happy Christmastime!!!



  1. Jean Moore · December 17, 2012

    Man, you must have upgraded your camera, #iknowyoudidanditworksgreat – great pictures! Thanks for the update – now get home!! PS Look at me learning to use the “#”:)

    • Erin EmmaLee · December 18, 2012

      hehehe I love it. My first thought when I started reading your comment was, look at mom using the hashtag!!!

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