home stretch

This has been the most difficult semester (quarter?) of my life. Without exaggeration, I’ve been in more danger of actually failing a class than I’ve ever been. My pediatrics clinical has been a delight, my pediatrics seminar has been great, and my peds didactic has nearly given me a stomach ulcer. I think it’s mostly the fact that squeezing a 2-year pediatric nurse practitioner program into 10 weeks (six exams, and a 10-page paper) is enough to overwhelm anyone in their right mind. And so, I’ve been losing sleep, eating junk, abandoning house duties, and living with a pit in the bottom of my stomach. I told Jeremy a couple weeks ago that if I develop a chronic illness someday, we’ll probably be able to link its origins back to this course.

Up until last week, I spent weeks full of endless hours of study only to average just below an 80% on the four exams I’d had thus far. That was bad news bears because you need to average at least an 80% on your didactic exams in order to pass your didactic, clinical, and seminar. In all of pediatrics, everything literally rides on these exams. And when 20+ hours of study yields a 79%, you begin to feel hopeless. Yikes, right?

Well last week God miraculously enabled me to get a 97% on Exam five [Jigga WHA?] which brought my class average to right around 81%. Thank you, Jesus. Passing, at last.

I’m not in the clear just yet, but I’ve been breathing a little easier for the past five days. And while I’ve been breathing like a normal person, I realized something:

The holidays are coming. Like, NEXT WEEK. And let me tell you, I just want to watch some snow fall over a hot cup of coffee. Next week the Manns come, and we’re all headed to Ohio for the annual Wynkoop family Thanksgiving festivities. What a lovely wonderful break that will be. What a glorious day it will be when peds is behind me! This will be my greatest accomplishment yet.

P.S. found that picture on flickr, as usual.


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  1. Elise · November 15, 2012

    Losing sleep, eating junk, abandoning house duties, and living with a pit in the bottom of one’s stomach? That definitely sounds familiar. You have ALL of my sympathy. I made Zach read this post so that he could understand I was not kidding when I told him (Tuesday night) that I am almost convinced I have a stomach ulcer and will probably need therapy for PTSD after this semester ends. Hang in there, Erin! The holidays are just around the corner and you are almost done! We’ll be praying for you.

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