great is his faithfulness

I am drinking tea this evening. And it is so nice to get my hot water from a tea kettle like this:

The small pleasures of life are not lost on me.

A couple things God did recently.

[This paragraph is for a little background info.] At the beginning of my pediatric clinical rotation, I thought to myself, “OH. EM. GEE. This place is TOO FAR from where I live.” But two things happened in the first four weeks: 1) I figured out I can leave at 10 to 7am and get there perfectly on time (not bad). 2) I had the most wonderful experience there, and I just started loving the place.

Last week something crazy happened. I went up to the lunch room at my clinical site to eat my lunch and do some work during a short break. And who did I run into, but one of my co-workers from Northwestern (which is SUPER FAR from this site). CRAZY TOWN. I was all, “What are you doing here???” and she was all, “Same thing you’re doing here!” She’s in FNP school at UIC (a bit ahead of me), and she was at my site doing her adult/family rotation there. Her preceptor was sitting right next to her, so she introduced us quick, and then after a very brief chat with my old co-worker, I was on my way.

Unrelated: the day after that, I thought to myself, “I just love this clinical site so much. I wonder what Family Practice is like here. I wonder if I could do my adult clinical rotation here. I would love that.” I even said that out loud to Jeremy.

Ok so THE VERY NEXT DAY (two days after I bumped into my friend from work), I got an email from my clinical coordinator (aka woman who is in charge of setting up all the rotations), Ingrid (who I hadn’t talked to about any of this). This email was actually to the woman who connected me with my peds preceptor; I was just getting CC’ed. The email basically said, “Hey, any chance Erin might be able to do her Adult rotation in the FP department? Can she do it with [woman’s name I didn’t recognize], FNP?” So my first thought was, “How on Earth did Ingrid read my mind like that?” And then my second thought was, “I wonder if I would recognize this NP,” so I googled her, because I know all the providers are listed on the site’s website with photogs. And OH MY GOODNESS THE WOMAN IS THE WOMAN I MET WITH MY CO-WORKER FRIEND. Wait whaaaaaaaat? My next thought was, “I should try and find her while I’m at clinical and ask her if she’ll precept me,” which honestly made me sort of nervous. But then the following day I got an email saying, “This FNP would love to precept Erin!” Mmk. Has anyone ever gotten a clinical rotation so seamlessly? That is just unreal. Unreal enough to suspect God’s faithfulness, and not just a random string of insane coincidences.

Different story: fast forward to today. I was thinking about two things as I drove to clinical this morning. Not stressed, just thinking.

One: I was thinking about a case presentation I need to finish by next week, to present in class on Tuesday. I am supposed to be presenting on a patient who is a toddler, but I’ve only seen 2 toddlers in my 5 weeks of clinical, neither of which I wrote down/remember enough about to really present on. So I was just thinking, “hmm. I really hope I see a toddler today. And it would be nice to see one who might make a decent case presentation.” [I prayed that I would at least see a kid between the ages of 1 and 3.]

Two: I was thinking about my upcoming clinical rotation, which will start in 4 weeks. I was thinking to myself, “I should connect with my soon-to-be new preceptor while I’m at my site one of these days. I hope I can figure out a good way to do that. I love this clinical site. I sort of wish I was going to be able to chart on my patients for my first adult rotation [No charting in peds at this site]. Oh well. Totally not a huge deal.”

Then two things happened at clinical today.

One: I saw three toddler patients, two of which were totally appropriate for a case presentation, one of which was especially interesting, baffling, and (in my opinion) perfect for a case presentation.

Two: The FNP who is going to be precepting me came over to peds to say hello to me, and to informally coordinate a schedule. She also told me she was really looking forward to having me as a student. Also that I would be charting on every patient I see. And that by the end of my rotation with her, I would feel really comfortable being autonomous, seeing my own patients, and doing everything with her simply popping in behind me to check all my work.

I couldn’t make this stuff up.

So. To him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine… to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! AMEN.


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