two seconds to mention two things I love

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I don’t care what the critics say. And critics there are, now that these men have become uber-famous, their music heard and “loved” by the vast majority of mainstream music-listeners. I hear the criticism, and am sympathetic to much of it. But my love for the music of Mumford and Sons remains steadfast, two years after I heard it from the grassy knolls of Grant Park. Babel finally arrived in the mail yesterday, and it sparked an afternoon of interesting conversation between my husband and I about music. More on that, and my response to the critics, at a later date. For now, I’m just declaring my love.

And speaking of love, last night I saw what instantly became my absolute favorite movie to date.

OH. EM. GEE. I loved the first Batman. But I FREAKING LOVED the Dark Knight Rises. THE STORY. THE CAST. THE CHARACTERS. THE SCENES. THE TWISTS AND TURNS!!!!! I can’t even handle it. Christopher Nolan is a freaking genious. This movie was SO AMAZING. I want to see it again. HOLY COW. Those were two and a half of some of the best hours of my life.


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