the floor saga?

I don’t know. Terminology that involves the word “saga” is probably a bit dramatic for our current situation. This may not technically be a saga. We’ve encountered home improvement sagas before (UM, such as the saga involving the I-will-build-you-a-completely-new-heating-duct-system-Oh-wait-I-actually-don’t-know-how-so-I’ll-just-build-you-one-you’ll-have-to-get-totally-redone contractor man), and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t qualify. And actually, what kind of house project would it BE if we just paid someone else to do something without us re-doing parts that haven’t been done totally correctly? OH I KNOW. It’d be a house project happening in someone else’s house. That is just not how we roll, people.

Days one and two of our floor refinishing project (hired out responsibly to experienced floor refinishers) is done. Sort of. The floors look great! Woohoo! It’s just that when we got home, we noticed they were a little… rough. Almost like they’re dusty. Not smooth like newly refinished floors. So Jer called our head floor guy.

It took some prodding before getting to the bottom of what was up with the floors, but eventually he figured out our floor guys just hadn’t really wiped the floor down much before coating it. So that dusty feeling was literally construction dust, polyurethaned into our floors. Oh, hey. Did I mention our guys are less than half the cost of some of the other peeps in the area who refinish floors?

Don’t worry, it sounds like a relatively fixable problem. But it meant three and a half hours of Jeremy in the front half of our house tonight sanding all the floors by hand, vacuuming everything (I helped!), and wiping it all down by hand. Now our floor guy is back to lay another final coating. At 9:27pm on a Sunday. I bet he loooooves working with us.


One comment

  1. Bex · July 31, 2012

    holy cheese balls. that is terrible. I’m so sorry for the hassle! I hope everything got squared away nice and neat!

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