maple for my Saturday

I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MY APARTMENT RIGHT NOW. The floor dudes came today at 8am, just as I was leaving for a four-hour half day of clinic outside the city. When I returned around 2pm, half of our floors were looking SO MUCH MORE FABULOUS THAN THEY HAVE EVER LOOKED BEFORE. There is construction dust everywhere. Lots more work for them to do today, and a whole day of working on them again tomorrow. But OH MY GOSH I am SO EXCITED.

It is so funny to me how I used to wonder how the heck people got so pumped about working on their houses. “What is the big deal?” I used to think to myself, “It’s just this building that you live in. It doesn’t even do anything. How do people get so excited about fences and siding and furniture? Wouldn’t they rather buy clothes?” I also remember thinking it was funny whenever my parents would respond to, “so what are you guys doing tonight?” with “Oh we’re going to take a trip to Home Depot.” “How is that a thing?” I would think.

And now look at me. 26 years old, and the highlight of my Saturday is seriously a motorcycle ride to the Home Depot for wood filler stain and Home Depot polish hot dogs (hitting 2 birds with 1 stone, baby!). Whatevs, I love it. I love becoming an adult. I cannot WAIT to enjoy my new and improved maple floors.

The thing is, it’s just been the most absolutely pleasant Saturday. As I mentioned before, I spent the first half of it working at a free clinic outside Chicago. Oh my goodness, I wish I could do this every Saturday. I’ve done this twice so far, and it’s seriously a highlight of my time in grad school. There are three things in particular that make it so great. First, the woman I’m working with when I go is one of my favorite grad school faculty peeps. So a morning at this clinic means a morning learning under an incredible FNP with lots of experience and a no-nonsense, straightforward instruction style. SO. HELPFUL. Second, when I’m there I actually feel like I am doing something meaningful. I don’t have the skills and the license to have my own FNP position just yet, but I have enough skills and experience to be helpful in a productive way in this setting. And third, I just enjoy working in this setting with these patients. Most of them speak strictly Spanish and all of them are uninsured. And I just like being a part of them getting healthcare.

So when I have a wonderful morning like that, and I come home to beautifully sanded maple floors, and my husband drives me around on a motorcycle and drops me off at a coffee shop for the afternoon, I just feel like a lucky person. It’s important to hold on to these moments and remember them when things are not going my way. Because you know what? Sometimes they just really go my way. And it would be dishonest to have a “woe is me” attitude when life gets stressful. Let’s keep that in mind and be thankful, self.


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