quickly, hello

I’d say at least 60% of the times I really have an itch to sit down and write here are times when I am already sitting down to have long, productive chunks of study time. This time, I escaped the house to a quiet, cool Starbucks to fill my head with NP knowledge before an exam Tuesday. And my husband is graciously prepping our zoo-of-a-house for floor refinishing, which is scheduled to commence tomorrow. SO I really cannot just sit here and blog forever, out of love and respect for my dear husband. But after three and a half hours of mostly uninterrupted study time, I figured writing a very quick hello would be ok. And quickly, here are some recent things to report:

Jeremy is home. Yaaaaaaay.

We’re getting our floors refinished. No kitchen and bathroom for TWO FULL DAYS ahead. Oh my. Also I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this project done so we can get moving on putting our apartment back together for good (it’s been sort of in shambles since the demolition-of-the-kitchen-side-room-wall project).

OLYMPICS start tonight. Yaaaaaaay.

The motorcycle is fixed after being stranded on a random street with a flat since the beginning of Institute (some seven weeks ago!). Yaaaaaaaaay.

I had a really disappointing midterm clinical eval this past week. Really nothing serious. There’s plenty of time for improvement. I’m not supposed to be perfect at clinicals just yet. And someone who isn’t a total perfectionist when it comes to school probably wouldn’t have  thought twice about it. But I am not that person. I am simultaneously both determined to become amazing and mildly insecure about my ability to become amazing. The other night Jeremy reminded me of the Moore family motto, “YIC!”, which is always followed by an exclamation point, pronounced “yick,” and stands for “YOU’RE IN CHARGE” (all caps always applies). I’m trying to remind myself to keep YIC in mind. YIC YIC YIC!

National Health Service Corps recruitment/placement conference in Grapevine, Texas was last weekend. I had to wear a suit for the first time ever. Got me thinking about getting a job. Fun, and also predictably a little stressful. Yikes.

K. Love you miss you (fams, friends.)!!!


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  1. bespoken · August 21, 2012

    Just a few things:
    1. I understand being a total perfectionist academically, so when you say “disappointing midterm clinical eval” I understand where you’re coming from. Totally.
    2. You are amazing and will only become more so. You can be mildly insecure about this; that’s okay. The rest of us are confident in this fact: Erin = amazing.
    3. Coming soon: FNP = Fantastic Nurse Person = YOU (you’re so close!!)

    On a super serious note: when I wrote up your interview for my Holistic Care class, I said that you embody holistic care. This is true. You live holistically: from your relationship with God, to your relationship with family and friends, to the way you keep your mind alive, to the way you busy your hands with beautifying your home and garden. I can only imagine how the balance in your life enhances your ability to provide excellent and compassionate care.

    Now that I’ve waxed eloquent, be encouraged. I can’t wait to see the amazing things that God is going to do through your continued dedication to learning and practice in the nursing field.

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