hot hot heat

I have an unspoken personal rule to never complain about warm sunny weather. But I think Chicago is seriously in danger of melting away. The high is 103 and is currently telling me it “feels like 107F.” Some lady on the radio said earlier “it’s a hundred degrees” and it made me think of times when its really warm someplace and people say “oh my gosh, it is seriously a hundred degrees in here.” Except it’s probably actually like 77 degrees in there.

Yikes. I went responsible-errand running earlier and the more time I spent in my car, the more my AC turned into HEAT. By the end of the trip, I was seriously cranky. Seriously sweaty. SERIOUSLY in need of something cold to drink and someplace air conditioned to sit and study.

I’m glad it’s not freezing outside but I have for realz had enough of this sauna-for-a-city weather. Let’s take it down a couple notches, Chicago. And by a couple notches I mean TWENTY-FIVE DEGREES, STAT.


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