game time

Thursday evening was our four year anniversary. It’s especially bizarre this year because Jeremy is at TFA’s summer training Institute, which is where he was four years ago, five days after we got married. I was there too, it was in LA, and Jeremy was a brand new baby TFA Corps member, which is pretty different than his current situation. But still. Crazy town.

He is working like a crazy person, just like he worked in June of 2008. I am currently sitting on his couch in his dorm room (strangely reminiscent of our place at LMU, although this room is substantially nicer, with a kitchenette) as he works, which he has literally been doing nonstop (at a rather clipping pace, mind you) since early this morning. I don’t think he’s very near finished his work for the evening either. But look at him up there, with his white pants and his ninja shoes. On the phone. Clearly GETTIN IT DONE. He’s a great leader, so the work he’s doing is impressive, and it’s satisfying to watch. Tomorrow is the first day his team will take 54 brand spanking new almost-teacher Corps members to Fiske and Revere elementary schools to get ready for summer school. Exciting stuff. It’s game time, people.

Coincidentally, tomorrow is also game time for me. Tomorrow I have my first real full actual intense day of clinical. I’ve already spent 4 hours at Lawndale learning a bit about how they’re Centering program works and watching my preceptor see a few patients, but tomorrow is the day when I’m expected to jump in and start DOING real actual NP things MYSELF. I am excited. Nervous, although less nervous I think than I am inclined to expect. I want to do well. I want to be bold and not afraid of making a fool of myself. I want to work hard and be teachable. Also successful, at learning. It’s possible, I’m pretty positive of that. Although, it’s incredibly odd because it’s hard to picture the steps between where I am now and where I think I’ll probably be in a year. Sheesh. I want to be a really great NP. I want to be the kind of NP that makes an impact. I suppose most of us feel that in some way or another. Praying for all the right things (whatever they may be) tonight.


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  1. Jeremy · June 19, 2012

    Great shoes! It’s crazy how fast time goes…four years ago!

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