a week of vacation in summary

Yowza! Tomorrow is the first day of quarter number FOUR (shut the front door! after this baby marks half way done with my program!) and I am feelin’ the heat, my friends. I read through my clinical syllabus this evening and OH BABY it was like a splash of icy cold water at the end of a glorious, deep REM-filled naptime. I’M AWAKE! SHEESH! NO MORE NAPPING!

Ok before I get ahead of myself, let me back up. What a glorious week it has been. I cannot overstate that enough. I didn’t complete everything I said I would, BUT all day every day was time well spent and I picked up a couple other projects along the way. For one, I finally painted our bathtub. Ever since we moved in I’ve been itching to get a coat of glossy jet-black paint over the streaky red paint job it got from the previous owner (DEB!!). Here’s how it looked BEFORE:

Egh. Please excuse the photo quality. Ok. So then WHABAM! AFTER:

Ok so the pictures are sort of crappy. But despite the quality, can’t you tell what a difference this one little coat of paint made in my life??? I love paint. OH EXCEPT FOR I HATE OIL-BASED PAINT is something I learned from this experience. Because for literally three days it looked like I was digging through the dirt each morning and then going on a hand-washing fast for the rest of the day. Even after three major scrubbings with 100% acetone. That can’t have been good for my health.

Another project that began in our apartment this week (and is still happening) is The Big Kitchen Remodel of 2012. So our 900 sq. ft. apartment has a pretty sweet little kitchen, but there’s this little room off of it that technically makes our place a 3-bedroom. Here, see? Right through that little doorway:

Since we use that third “bedroom” as a pantry/place to stash the dog/place to throw junk that should really be in the basement, we figured the space would be better used as an eat-in extension of the kitchen of sorts. So after a LOT of this:

and a little bit of drywalling (both of which I did not have any part in), that wall turned into this:

And we’re on our way to a little eat-in kitchen folks, Echo Park style. Sort of.

All that demolition and work that was happening in my house by the sweat of someone else’s hands was a great motivator to NOT waste my time. It also inspired the tub painting, as well as a bunch of trim painting we said we’d do a long time ago AND it put me in the mood to clean, organize, and throw away junk. I did a little bit of that, but mostly I did these other things:

Hung out with Jeremy before he left. Helped Jeremy move to IIT. Made regular trips to the gym (oh.. and Starbucks). Went shopping for professional attire (for clinicals). Made Jeremy an anniversary gift. Weeded, pruned, and generally cleaned up the garden. Set up nets to deter the birds that have been eating up our garden. Heated up water in my new teapot. Spent time with friends. Went to the dentist. Got a manicure/pedicure for half price. Had an anniversary dinner in Hyde Park. Went to a birthday party. Moseyed on over to a used book store and the Farmer’s market in the beautiful weather. And I even made it to the beach after all.

All in all, the week off was a smashing success. I got called off both days I was supposed to work, which means this undoubtedly was an entire week of true vacation. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! BOO YAH!


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