wait wait… don’t tell me!!!

There is a long list of things I enjoy that as a kid I never thought I’d be interested in. One of those things is listening to NPR on a regular basis. I remember when I was a kid and my dad would turn on talk radio and I would CRINGE and think to myself (and sometimes out loud) “aaagghhhhh now this WHOLE car ride is going to be boooorrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnngggg.”

Now one of my favorite pastimes is listening to public radio. And one of my favorite things to listen to is Wait Wait… Don’t Tell me! If you haven’t heard it, you SHOULD. I fell in love with the show in LA during our weekly produce pick-up, and when we moved to Chicago I kept telling Jeremy we should try and go sometime. Well being the perceptive, generous husband he is, my Valentines Day present this year was a ticket to the show.

It was awesome. After the show, the hosts and panelists host a Q&A with the audience and after the Q&A we got to MEET THEM!!!!!

I have to say. Considering these people are public radio personalities, I was surprisingly  starstruck. I mean seriously nervous to talk to them. The moment I approached each of them, every clever, charming, NORMAL bone in my body disappeared and I turned into a hunk of awkward jelly-person. I’ve got photos for proof:

The only thing I could think of to ask PETER SAGAL was “So, is it weird that all these people you don’t know want to have pictures of themselves with you in them?” He told me that no, it wasn’t weird. “It makes me feel like I’m a fish and they’ve caught me.”

Here’s me visibly being awkward with Carl Kasell. Jeremy told me to ask him where he lives. Washington D.C. Flies out to Chicago EVERY WEEK for the show! What a guy.

I told Tom Bodett that I love when he’s on the show and that he’s really funny.

More visible awkwardness with Mo Rocca. I had no words for him. Just “Can I take a picture with you?” Love, awkward Erin.

Jessi Klein was the third panelist, but was gone before we made it up there. It was a great show. And I loved being weird around all of these public radio stars. Major points for the hubs.


One comment

  1. Jean Moore · April 1, 2012

    What, two blogs in one week?! You must not be as busy as I think or, wait, wait, don’t tell me… you’re procrastinating?

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