Federal holidays. If they’re not Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th, or New Years, they’ll really sneak up on you. Its MLK Jr. Day today, making this third weekend in January a three-day one. To me, while I’m in school the term “three-day weekend” means next to nothing. I don’t usually have class on Mondays and the fact that its a federal holiday does not mean I’m excused from the work that continues to pile up as the quarter moves along. However, I must say this has turned out to be quite a lovely little holiday.

Jeremy (for whom a federal holiday does mean a true day off) took me out to coffee this morning at my favorite Starbucks in the city. There are few things I love more than spending time with a friend over hot drinks in a coffee shop, so hanging out with my husband over a white chocolate mocha at Starbucks was a real treat. We talked about 2012: our goals, plans, and hopes and dreams for the future. It still blows my mind to think about all that’s happened since we moved to Chicago a year and a half ago. Its also crazy to think that in another year and a half I’ll be a Nurse Practitioner and Jeremy will be nearly half way through seminary.

After running some errands (and grabbing some more coffee) we came home to spend the better part of the day cleaning, rearranging, and finally hanging things on our walls. Now I am supposed to be doing homework, but instead here I am just writing for fun and looking forward to seeing all of our small group friends tonight. I suppose I should get to work, but it just seems like coming across a really truly relaxing and wonderful day like this is rare; I can’t help but stop for a bit to write it down and thank God for it.


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  1. Bex · January 17, 2012

    Your blog keeps looking better and better! I love it! I also love your writing. Cheers to your great MLK Day!

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