befores and afters

In the spirit of following through on my 2012 resolutions, here I am. Winter has finally come to Chicago. We’ve got winter temps, snow on the ground, and more on the way. It’s the end of what has been a surprisingly productive week, so I’ve given myself the gift of a guilt-free morning of relaxation, coffee drinking, and wearing grubby clothes. This afternoon I’ll jump into pharmacology, but for now I’m making good on a promise I’ve made. I’m posting some befores and afters of our new place. I’m warning you now: it’s nothing fancy. I do not have a great camera. But those of you who are far away have been waiting to see what we’ve done, so I’m giving you a peek at our new and improved apartment.

Here’s how we found the place:

Notice the yellow paint that extends to the ceiling! While the color wasn’t awful, it wasn’t exactly our style. Here’s what it looks like now:

True to form, we went with grays again. The dining room is a much darker gray, almost charcoal with a hint of blue. Here’s a shot of the built-in on the opposite wall of the dining room:

I don’t have a great before picture of the hallway, but we snazzed it up with a bit of paint and “artwork” (some old favorites: one of our Audubon prints and our LA map):

We haven’t really done anything to the bedrooms or bathroom, so the last thing I’ll show you is the kitchen. Please excuse the incredibly poorly-taken, blurry before picture:

The kitchen has become my new favorite room. Here’s how it looks now:

We painted (obviously), installed some under-cabinet and above-sink lighting, and (my favorite part) added the island. Jeremy bought it on Craig’s list and then replaced the top with a piece of butcher block. We’re still planning to paint the base of it, but it has added SO MUCH counter space as well as extra storage (the other side has doors, and two shelves inside).

Working on the house has been such a lovely pastime. There’s something so rewarding about making a living space your own. It’s a great combination of creative expression, problem solving, and just plain work. So far homeownership has been much more than it’s cracked up to be. Sure, it’s stressful at times, but I’d say so far the benefits far outweigh the costs. So thankful for this place.


One comment

  1. bex mann · January 13, 2012

    Lovely in every way! Thanks for sharing this pictures! I’ve been waiting oh, so patiently and your work is worth it. Well done! XO.

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