sweet tea in the afternoon

Lovely Bakeshop. A lovely lovely place in Chicago that appears to live up to its name has apparently been hiding from me for the past year. I found this place on Sunday (thanks to some friends of ours) and thought to myself I just might have found my favorite neighborhood coffee shop in Chicago.

It’s simple. It’s just off one of my favorite streets, next to a place called The Butcher and Larder (point for location), there’s lots of natural light and an adorable patio that’s usually about half-shaded (point for charm), it’s got lots of space and not lots of people occupying it (point for low-profile), and they serve Intelligentsia coffee (ten points for my favorite coffee-game over). Good news for me.

Lately I’ve been thinking about taking up a hobby I probably can’t afford to start. I’ve never really been the hobby-having type, but the other day I was hit with an overwhelming desire to get a real camera and start taking pictures. I’ve always told Jeremy he needs to take up photography so we can have great pictures of our lives and future kids. I’ve also always thought it was kind of lame that 90% of the pictures on my blog were taken by someone else.

My dad got a fancy pants camera a couple years ago. Not a crazy professional one or anything, just a pretty simple but high quality digital camera with a great lens and manual capabilities. I loved photography in high school, and I love messing around with normal pictures when I get them onto my computer. I’m pretty nit picky about aesthetics and I think I could really enjoy developing the skill of great picture taking.

The hang up is that I’m definitely not getting a nice camera anytime soon. Our family is on a hard core spending hiatus. Believe it or not, its looking like this house thing I’ve mentioned once or twice is actually going to go through. It seems we may just be the proud new owners of a multi-family home come July 26th. It’s pretty unbelievable and I’m still telling myself it might all fall through, but we’re keeping our wallets closed in the mean time.

So for now I’m looking for ways to keep myself busy this summer that don’t involve much cash. Any bright ideas?


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