holiday times in photogs

BOY did we have a great time in Minnesota for Christmas. The trip was short, but sweet. We made it home just in time for the big Moore Fam Christmas Eve, spent Christmas morning with both our fams, spent Christmas afternoon Yankee-swapping with the Trettels, ate a fancy Christmas dinner at the Manns, and had three days to spare for chill time with our fams. Just a few of the many highlights of our trip:

Driving around Minnesota with the Jer. We made it to the Mann’s from Chicago
in about 6.5 hours. The drive went surprisingly well considering we left after
work on the 23rd. Also considering our dog’s tender constitution. 
My sister’s boyfriend Mathematics (some people call him Matt) made it to
Christmas Eve at Grannie and Grandpa’s. There’s Figs and him wearing the
traditional tissue paper crowns we get inside our crackers.


Father Mann on Christmas morn’ in his Christmas head ware. 
Christmas Dinner at the Mann’s. After dinner we sang Christmas
Carols and gave each other tips we had to pass on from the year 2010. 
On our last night we made a big dinner at the Moore’s. Jeremy, ma and
I made this delicious (and impressive-looking) braided sweet bread. Yums.

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