tribute to my shmaps

This is my dad. Michael Moore. Hands down, no question, the absolute best father in the world. You will not find a better one. This man is so great, it makes me sad he has no sons to carry on his family name. That’s how great.

This tribute is not for no reason at all. Today, September 16th, is his birthday. And I couldn’t be more thankful this man was born. I’m not thankful because he made my existence possible. I truly think the world is a better place with Michael C. Moore in it.

Some things I love love love about my dad:

The fact that he’s an engineer. Engineering wasn’t always my dad’s dream job, but he’s really great at it, and I love how easily he can understand and explain complicated things. One time he told me all about how the air conditioner in the car works, just for fun.

His creativity. My dad is quite possibly the most creative, inventive person I’ve ever known. When we were young, in the days long before digital video and editing, my dad got all the neighbor kids, my sister and myself together to make a silent film about a family of zucchinis, set to music.

His sense of humor. All you people out there who think I’m funny, this man is largely to blame. He’s the source. When we were young, he told my sister and I we were not aloud to tell others to “shut up.” He said instead we could just tell people to SYFFT (pronounced sift), which stood for “shut your fat flapping trap.” It’s difficult to explain in written words how he is the best kind of hilarious you can find. I just love being around him.

His humility. My dad is so low profile. He has all the reason in the world to be prideful, and yet he is the most humble, unassuming person you’ll come across. He’s kind and generous and never draws attention to himself.

His love for my mom. All our lives, my dad set the bar high for my sister and my future husbands. He has always treated my mom like he really enjoys her. In a world where marriages were constantly struggling and falling apart, my sister and I always had a healthy one to look up to. I’m so thankful for his faithfulness and love to her.

His trust in the Lord. My dad has a strong relationship with God, and has set an incredible example to be content in our circumstances and to expect that God is able to do great things. He lives his life in a way that is sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and he’s taught me to seek to do the same.

I could talk about my dad for hours. I just really truly think he’s the best. He inspires me to be a far better person than I am. I admire and love him so much, and hope I can be just like him someday.

I’m so blessed to be the daughter of this man! HERE’S TO MY SHMAPS ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!



  1. shmaps · September 16, 2010

    thanks for the kind words erin (snif snif)-you are truly a blessing and a joy to me.

  2. Jean Moore · September 17, 2010

    Waht a lovely tribute to your pappa and a great reminder of the treasure he is! Happy happy birthday!

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