Six things to make your life better

in no particular order:

1. Organize your Home

Go through all that old junk in those places you never see. Take everything out from under your bathroom sink and go on a throwing-away binge. Dig through your junk drawers and find purposeful places for the few things that don’t belong in the garbage. Rearrange where you keep things. Let nothing in your house have no home! It may take a couple of hard days work but it will be well worth it.

2. Get up Early on Your Day Off

Not a morning person? You should still try this. It’s good to be up when the sun has just risen and the world is not fully awake just yet. It’s very little fun getting up early for work. Choosing to get up early is a beautiful thing and, more importantly, will help you become a better person.

3. Read This Book:

This is a terrible picture of a really wonderful collection of stories. This book will be good for you whether you love to read (and do it all the time), or do not so much like to read (but kind of wish you did). [If you do not like to read and do not wish you liked to read, you should work on that. In your case, this book will also be good for you.] I recommend making a habit of reading it before bedtime, but it’s truly a delight at any time of day. People should be making sure to read quality fiction these days.

4. Listen to the Bible Being Read Aloud

The ESV website is a great tool for listening to the Word. You’d be amazed at how much Bible you can listen to in a relatively short period of time. It seems safe to assume very few of us are reading the Bible as much as we should, would like to, or would be best for us. I also think it’s important to interact with Scripture in a variety of ways. Hearing it read aloud can show and teach us things we might not see when reading it on our own.

5. Start the Day With a Cup of Coffee and a Book

Don’t like coffee? Hot drink for you, then. This book could be the Bible or any other reading material. Does a cup of something hot and some quality time with a good book sound a bit idealistic for the average working adult? It may be. In that case, consider this a good rule of thumb for days off and weekends. Relaxing with something intellectually stimulating in the morning is bound to get your day going in the right direction. If your computer screen is what regularly greets you first thing, change your ways. Reading as your first activity of the day will make your life better in ways that emailing and blogging (ouch!) cannot.

6. Send a Note by Snail Mail to Someone You Love

This is good for everyone involved (duh). It requires a fair amount of thought, effort, and others-focusedness. Sending friendly greetings via the world wide web is good and important too. We should make an effort to do that as well. But when you send a card through the USPS, you spend some good focused minutes thinking about someone else, and you have to construct a jumble of words that is worth getting written down and sent on actual paper to this person for no special occasion. I don’t think I have to mention how great it feels to get a “just because” card in the mail.

I happened to do all six of these things today, which inspired me to write them down as things that will make your life better. Go ahead, try them out.



  1. bex mann · April 9, 2010

    Hurray for a fantastic post! This is seriously inspiring to me. Way to make today count. I want to be more like you!

  2. Jean Moore · April 10, 2010

    Inspiring Bear! I couldn’t be more proud that you came out of the Moore nest:) Love you love you!! Ma

  3. Elise · April 13, 2010

    Love this post! I try to practice most of these on a regular basis (although my quality fairy-tales vary a bit) but I rarely manage to fit all six into one day! Way to go, Erin!

  4. l0ve0utl0ud · March 3, 2012

    This is a wonderful post! I found your blog by searching “book and coffee” images! I completely agree with your points – I started my day off with a book and a cup of tea, and what a wonderful morning it was!

    • erin · March 3, 2012

      Thanks much! Lovely to have you!

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