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Holy toe-lito. Has it ever been raining here. Not sissy LA rain. REAL rain. Terrential rain. And hail. Thunder too, with lightning of course.

It’s awefully pleasant. Sometimes I think it would be romantic to live in a place where it rained an obscene amount of the year, or even an obscene amount of one particular season. Truth is, though, rain can get old. And–although I hate to admit it–depressing. But not this kind of rain.

This kind of rain is romantic. There’s a kind of storm-buzz in the air. Life suddenly feels strangely different, like we’re all playing parts in some big theatrical drama the universe is putting on. I love that about this weather. Especially here in LA, where it’s rare and unexpected. It’s like experiencing a city-wide blackout; everyone is suddenly on their toes in a kind of excited disbelief of what’s happening. Finally, adventure at our very own doorsteps.

I think our lives should be epic. Sometimes I playfully tell people I try to make my life feel as much like a movie as possible. But there’s some real truth to that and I think it’s good. A great movie shows little bits of life as meaningful parts of a whole. Everything matters, and with the help of music, camera angles, and good acting, we’re moved by a unique glimpse of life through a story. Yes, it’s true: some films are over the top, or too simplistic, or simply not realistic. But we go too far when we assume life–real life–is no where near as romantic. That we do not actually live in moving, meaningful stories, and that we can only get them from books and movies.

We do live in moving, meaningful stories. Epic stories. I think God wants us to remember that. I believe that more and more as I study the way He’s worked in history, as well as how He’s said it ends. I guess that’s why I like the stormy days so much. It’s fun to run out to my car in the pooring rain at night, only to get inside seconds before the hail starts. It’s good for me. It’s a nice change.



  1. Jeremy · January 22, 2010

    “Like we’re all playing parts in some big theatrical drama the universe is putting on.” I like this sentence a lot. Can you believe it has rained five straight days? Incredible.

  2. Paps · January 23, 2010

    Its pooring rain here too – to the usual winter rain – which is actually snow. Skating is a fun sport – except when you are in a car.
    Thanks for the CA update!

  3. Gloris · February 9, 2010

    Thanks for this inside report to the headlines I’ve been seeing. Do you know anyone cought in the mudslides, I wonder?

    Having terrential snow here in the midwest, like living inside a snow shaker!


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