a couple of Movies Worth Seeing

There’s always something interesting happening in LA. Last night, while perusing the options for a mid-week date, Jeremy found a showing of a movie at the Grove, after which the lead actress would be present for Q&A. She’s up for a Golden Globe for Best Actress (for this movie) and the trailer looked pretty good, so we figured we better go see The Young Victoria. The movie is about the young life of Queen Victoria. The film leans more toward love story than historical drama in an intelligent, captivating, anything but over-the-top way. You can see why Emily Blunt (who plays Queen Victoria) is up for a Golden Globe, and her co-star Rupert Friend does an equally fantastic job. If you’re looking for a great date movie, I have to highly recommend this.

While I’m here recommending a movie, I might as well encourage you to see my favorite film of 2009: The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Most people I recommend this movie to don’t actually go see it. I know I know, it’s stop film animation, which is different and seems a little odd, but it’s brilliant! The animation is incredible to watch, the casting is spot on, and it has all the wonderful elements of a Wes Anderson movie (among Wes Anderson’s other films: The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tennenbaums, and The Darjeeling Limited). It’s a great story, cleverly told. It’s the only movie Jeremy and I have ever seen in the theatre TWICE. Go see it. It may be at your local dollar soon.



  1. kring · February 9, 2010

    did you know that rupert friend and keira knightly are dating? 😉 i loved the movie too and you’re absolutely right in saying that it wasn’t an over-the-top love story..it was just right.

  2. Carmel · February 9, 2010

    The Fantastic Mr Fox is incredible. I do love Wes Anderson =]

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