new habits for the new year

I have lots of ideas for my life in 2010. Let me introduce you to two things I’m excited about for the new year.

#1: My new subscription to Real Simple Magazine

I had a subscription to this wonderful magazine during one of my college years (thanks, mom). The only problem with my previous subscritpion was that I never had time to read the thing, much less take its good-for-everyday advice, implement its helpful tips (the kind your mom knows all about), and try out its attractive recipes. Well this year I plan to explore and grow my domestic side, and I think getting this magazine every month (and finally having the time to properly pay attention to it!) will help.

#2: Our new family plan for reading the Bible in a year

Actually, reading the Bible and a half in a year. My mom introduced us to For the Love of God, by D.A. Carson, which is a book of short, theology-packed devotionals that correspond with daily Bible readings organized by a man named Robert Murray M’Cheyne in the early 1800’s. There are two neat things about the way this works. The first is that we’ll end up reading through the entire OT once and the entire NT twice. The second is that it’s uniquely designed to be done with family. So each day Jeremy and I read two chapters of the Bible on our own, and then two chapters + Carson’s tid bits together. So far it’s been an awesome way to be in the Word every day in a meaningful way. We also try and sing a hymn together before bed each night, which is a great addition (and we find prepares us well for our time of reading).

Some things on my also-to-be-a-part-of-new-things-in-the-new-year list: piano lessons, and the completion of our redecorating (we’re redecorating).



  1. Jean Moore · January 18, 2010

    Thanks for blogging more often – I love it! I am really enjoying the thru the bible in a year too. It is reading more like a story to me and I am seeing new things. It also give a great view of the full counsel of God as it brings us into the old and new testaments.
    Love you both!!

  2. kring · February 9, 2010

    oh i hope i can find that d.a. carson book in one of our bookstores. my husband and i are reading a chapter a night and we are well into 1 Kings already, we do discuss afterwards, but i think it would be better if we have study guide as well. thanks for the info!

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