a most agreeable morning

We just had the most delightful morning, jaunting about the neighborhood. We made our way by residential streets to The Coffee Pot, a local coffee stop on Sunset (new to us). The sun was out, the air was clear, and shaded areas were pleasant enough for a light sweater. Meandering through the hills of Echo Park, we found these friends:

After stopping at The Coffee Pot for a Strawberry smoothie and some good conversation, we made our way down to the lake for a nice walk amongst the local wildlife.

To finish the trek, we stopped at Chango for my favorite breakfast burrito in town. Jeremy found the LA times and I found a flier about someone who teaches piano lessons in the neighborhood.

The walk back was as pleasant as it all began. What a lovely thing it is to live in Los Angeles.

In other news, Jeremy is now the owner of a 1971 Honda CB 350. It’s red and black. Well, see for yourself:

We love it. I mean how could you not? We’re dying to tool around town on it together, but Jeremy is still in his permit stage of motorcycle licensure (which means no riding with a passenger) and I still need a helmet. For now, it’s a great way to get Jeremy to run a quick errand.


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