meet Flan

She’s the nicest kitten I’ve ever known. And I mean I’m a kitten foster parent; I’ve seen kittens. She’s great.

I mean look at her.P1010004

She just came up here and sat on me like that. On her own initiative. Nice work, Flan. You get the pretty-much-everything-I’ve-ever-wanted-in-a-kitten award.

The thing is, Flan (or Flannery, which is her full name, in case you’re wondering what kind of an absurd name for a cat Flan is) is not supposed to be ours for keeps. But she just won’t get adopted. She’s been to two adoption fairs with no takers because she freaks. out. (There’s a very real chance she’s trying to sabotage the adoption process.) Her little kitten bio is on the website, but no one has called and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s due to the warning about her “neurological disorder.”

See, she came to us as a bit of a special needs cat. Her back legs weren’t working quite right, which apparently means she had some neuro thing. But her legs are fine now and aside from the fact that her meows only make noise when she’s out of sight, she’s perfectly normal.

Wow. It seems as though this blog post has taken a surprisingly sharp turn for boring. Well, you can admire Flan up there. Heck, call me if you know someone who wants a stellar kitten.



  1. Jean Moore · October 28, 2009

    tchetchanicelidelkiddeeseeis! Too bad we already have two! Don’t tell them, but she beats my two in the “everything you’d ever want in a cat” catagory by a mile!

  2. Lauren · November 24, 2009

    I want to adopt Flan!!! Would a plane flight freak her out??

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