i love my job

Just for you–some old school (or as the author of this photo would say, “vintage”) nurses to be inspired by (or at least to enjoy):

vintage nurses

I cannot tell you how much I love my job. In fact, I barely know where to even start talking about it. But boy do I ever feel like I somehow landed in the perfect spot. I’m moving past that total deer-in-the-headlights-can’t-seem-to-remember-anything-from-nursing-school-feel-like-I’ll-never-get-the-hang-of-this stage, slowly making my way into the wow-sometimes-I-pick-up-the-things-I’m-supposed-to-be-learning-this-is-at-least-beginning-to-feel-kinda-like-home-and-I-like-it stage.

The first few weeks of my job made me feel like I must have somehow dreamt up all those years of being in nursing school. I must not have actually gone, because if I had, I’d have some idea how to take care of a patient.

I still feel not so competent in many respects, and the more I’m learning in my classes and clinical, the more I find I have yet to learn (of course). But for the first times, I’m having days that aren’t totally clouded by my lack of experience. I’m actually kind of getting the hang of some things. And it’s allowing me to see past all the tasks I haven’t mastered to all the things I really love about ICU nursing.

I LOVE ICU nursing. Love it. I knew it when I first stepped foot in the ICU two years ago. But even more than that, I love my ICU: the CTICU. The nurses are wonderful. The patients are incredible. The cases are wildly interesting and the medical teams are unbelievable. The other night at work I had to pick up a medication for my patient from the 6th floor pharmacy. As I reached the doors of 7ICU I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “How on earth did I get here? I can’t believe this is where I work.”

I know there are still difficult challenges ahead. I’m sure I’ve still got some bad days in front of me, and I don’t doubt coming off orientation will be frightening. But I’ve got to soak up and hold on to these times when I know for sure this place is exactly where I want to be.

Praise God and thanks be to Him for bringing me to the CTICU.


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