ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner

Well, people. I’m glad to announce that we have found a new friend to replace the Centurion. Feast your eyes on the fuj:


Apparently–technically–this Fuji is actually better than the Centurion. And I have to say… that Centurion-shaped hole I told you about has been pretty well filled with this here bike. There’s just something about that no-nonsense brown frame that says, “What? I’m just a bomb vintage bike. I’m so awesome I don’t need flashy paint to make it look like I am.” I just can’t get enough of this bike. I mean, here, check it out from another angle:


How can you help but have respect for that thing? Heck, I wish it was mine.

On another replacing-stolen-things related note: Wednesday I got a new wallet because my old one got stolen at work. I also got a new bank account, drivers license, RN license, credit card, and a host of other things that aren’t nearly as fun and that I’m not going to show you a picture of. Here’s the wallet:


Not bad, right? So life goes on. Just thought I’d update you on our new finds. Next on the list is operation sell Erin’s Schwinn for a women’s roadbike.



  1. bex mann · August 28, 2009

    LOVE the new old brown vintage charmer bike! Super pumped for you guys. Where did you find it?

    So bummed about your wallet, what a hassle. LOVE the new wallet however! Classy, simple and timeless.

    What’s your Schwinn look like? Would I like it? I’m not hardcore enough for a roadbike but I wouldn’t mind a chic comfy Schwinn…if it was the right Schwinn…

  2. Rick Mann · September 2, 2009

    Nice bike. Looks like a winner back in the day. Have fun!

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