Figs for August 9th

No, no. Not these kind of figs:


Gross. Come on. THIS is the Figs I’m talking about:

Figs my sister

Her “real” name is Lauren. But I call her by many names (such as Figs, Figgy, Figgy-wouldn’t-would-she, Figgers, Figgin, Feign-an-illness, Fain, Fernain, LeurFain, etc.–and the list truly does go on). The reason this blog post is entitled “Figs for August 9th” is because this one and only Figs was born on that day 25 years ago. And since we are already two days past the momentous occasion (also known in our family as “the best day of the year”), a tribute to this exceptional human being is overdue.

This is my big sister. And you should know right off the bat that I’m sure there’s never been a better sister. Not even probably a sister who came anywhere close to the great sister that she is.

It goes without saying that she’s absolutely gorgeous. People know it just by looking at her once, so I don’t need to go into vast detail to try and convince you of this.

Looks aside, she’s one of the best people you can know. She’s got an incredible sense of humor, which makes being her sister a real hoot. There is hands down no one I laugh harder and more frequently with than Fain. She’s a major part of why I have so many great memories of growing up in the Moore family.

She’s also kind and considerate. I admire her quickness to give others the benefit of the doubt, and she’s careful to really love others well. She’s the most loyal friend I know and consistently proves to be the person I can call to feel like someone really knows me even when I feel like life is throwing me around.

She’s incredibly smart and thoughtful. I love talking with Fain because conversations with her never fail to turn into conversations about the things that really matter most in life. She’s strong, generous, an amazing singer, good at reading interesting books, cares about the right things, loves her family and loves the Lord.

She has pretty much all the qualities I wish I had more of. Here’s to Fain! A woman who is easy to love, and inspires us to become better human beings for the purpose of glorifying the good God who made her!



  1. ma moore · August 12, 2009

    Nice tribute Bear – you got it right – she’s a gem! Bless you! Ma

  2. Lauren · August 12, 2009

    Awww figs, thanks. 🙂 you are too sweet. you almost made me cry!! love you and miss you!! XOXO.

  3. bex mann · August 18, 2009

    I freaking love your family Erin. Who knew that by marrying Josh I’d get the joy of having the Moore’s and the Casillas’ in my life?!?! What a blessing! Lauren-you are bomb! I’m hoping we can do a winter trip to Lutsen again someday! 🙂

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