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anthro inspiration

It’s summertime. Real summertime. Weekends are long and relaxing. Weekdays are delightfully packed with time for productivity in all the areas I wish I could focus on when life gets crazy. Dinners can be long and lazy and eaten on the porch.

This summer has possibly been one of my best so far. I’m excited to go back to work, and the short time I have left before that happens leaves me inspired to make the most of each day.

Jeremy and I are working on all sorts of projects this summer. My favorites: finally getting to the kitchen and the bedroom. We did a lot of decorating and home-improvementish projects the first few months we spent here. Most of our creative efforts went toward the living room. We didn’t totally neglect making the kitchen and bedroom feel like home, but now we’re working on really giving them their own looks.

We spent some time at the Americana in Glendale this afternoon where we visited my all time favorite store: Anthropologie. Pretty much every time I leave that store, my mind doesn’t for at least a few hours. I’m no artist, but anthropologie leaves me feeling inspired and ready to make my home (and myself, for that matter) a sweet looking place to be. I like the creative juices this store squeezes out of me. I enjoy the kick in the pants it gives me everytime I walk in.


Sure, a part of me would like to just buy everything anthropologie sells and rearrange it in my own home. That’d be expensive, but easy–and our apartment would look really awesome. But the very nature of the stuff this place sells challenges me to use my own inner artist and inginuity to re-create the kind of feeling the store’s designs evoke in me, regardless of whether I could afford to simply buy it all. It says to me, “Find an old piece of furniture and fix it up a bit, Erin.” “Learn to sew, Erin. Make your own home-made-looking oven mit.”

This is the kind of store we should hope our culture keeps creating. And we should hope the people that shop there are challenged in the same way. Let’s not lazily admire other people’s work and abandon our own efforts to inspire others. Let’s see well-designed houseware and wonder how we can create our own great kitchen. Here’s to becoming all kinds of artists in any realms of our lives we can.



  1. Kate · July 29, 2009

    I LOVE that store too!!!

  2. Lindsay · July 29, 2009

    I am so curious about what you are going to create/make now!

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