project: unemployed for the next six months

Here’s me 21 days ago:

graduation and fam 110

Graduated. Bright-eyed. Optomistic. Reveling in the promise of my bright future.

Here’s me today:


I know I know. I didn’t lose my job. It’s not like that bright future will never get here. And yes, I’ve already blogged about this job setback thing twice. But that’s what a big part of my life this thing is, people. And now that we’re past the big news, we have to face what’s ahead: six months of unemployment.

My first response to this whole thing was of course disappointment, tears, phonecalls, texts. But surprisingly (and really only by the grace of God paired with a week full of especially fruitful devotional times) I handled the news pretty well. I felt like I had a pretty good perspective and I worked hard to see how this could be a neat situation.

That went well until about Wednesday. I figured maybe I was experiencing some under-the-surface frustration/anger/upsettness when I noticed myself being particularly irritated with just about everyone on the road as I drove to my friend’s. That’s when I realized I wasn’t going to spend the entire next six months always feeling really confident and great about the situation.

However. This is a great opportunity. How many people a) know exactly what they want to do for a big chunk of their life, b) actually have a great opportunity lined up to get on the right track, and c) are forced to spend six months before it all begins to do whatever in the world they can think of? I’ll tell you: not many. So I want to spend my next six months wisely. Thoughtfully. Doing things I figured I’d probably never get around to on account of my upcoming full-time job.

These are some things I thought up in the past 5 days:

  • Learn Latin-American Spanish (!)
  • Pick up where I left off learning the guitar
  • Use my one free audit on that Character of God class I couldn’t take last semester
  • Read and finish a meaty book each month
  • Run at least a 10K with Jeremy
  • Join “the Union” (a kind of ministry internship) at my church
  • Travel to the OC for a weekly Bible study with friends from school
  • Get a part-time job at a local cafe, coffee shop, or non-chain restaurant
  • Create an official wedding scrapbook
  • Offer to help with something in Biola’s Department of Nursing
  • Take a sewing class at The Reform School
  • Take up swimming as a regular form of exercise
  • Get a part-time job at an urgent care, clinic, or convalescent home
  • Attend one of the Burbank Animal Shelter’s kitten fairs
  • Compile and compact all my old nursing binders
  • Try a new recipe once a week
  • Continue/develop tiny group on Monday nights (that’s when me and some small group friends get together to grab dinner and go over our small group stuff for Thursday)

Any comments? Ideas to add? Please do share.



  1. Josh · June 14, 2009

    Wow, i love this. First of all, way cool/cute new header image up there, love it. Second of all, i think one of my favorites on your list is to audit that character of God class, how cool would that be. Other faves, the 10k, the sewing class (fun and practical), and tiny group cause that just sounds fun. Anyways…i’m actually kinda jealous, who woulda thunk that those from the stable/steady job world would say that!? Anyways, don’t tell my employer and have a blast, i also think maybe a weekly video skype date with your sister-in-law from the north who, unfortunately, has more time on her hands with her hubby in the phd thing should be nominated to join the list!

  2. ma moore · June 14, 2009

    I am so blessed to see God working in your life through this! I love your list. Wow – imagine a Moore setting goals!!It has inspired me to set some of my own. Tho not a blogger, I’ll email it to you when I get it going. You are right – to take time and be intentional about what to spend your time doing and establish good routines as opposed to just letting life take over is a unique opportunity. I’ll be in prayer as you decide your priorities going forward. Love you tons and tons and looking forward to how God will work!

  3. Megan Wilmarth · June 21, 2009


    You are such an encouragement to me…especially as we sit in the same boat! I should really elongate that “summer” to-do list I made a couple months ago to cover the next six months. I say we really hold each other accountable to really making the most of this time!
    Love…the creativity and thoughtfulness in your list!

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