so as not to be a hypocrite

Lately I’ve been getting on other people for not keeping up with their blogging (aka supplying me with my favorite  pastime), so I figured I better not let myself fall too behind, even though I’ve had not much of anything to say recently.

mayish 023

There’s a nice picture of Jeremy and I, in case you miss our smiling faces.

Well, like I said, I graduated. So summer is here and what do you know I’m also 23. Graduation was marvelous and my birthday was awesome. Now I’m studying for the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination. Translation: Big huge test I take to get my nursing license so I can practice as an RN). It’s not absolutely taking over my life, but it’s how I spend much of my time these days.

Also, a piece of not so good news: my start date at UCLA in the CTICU has officially been moved from August 23 to sometime in January 2010. Not cool (in the world of nursing new grads, that’s kind of like losing your job entirely), but I think I’m going to make it. You can read more about that here, on my nursing class’s blog (no sense writing about it all over again).

As far as other news goes, there really isn’t much. And I’m in no mood to be insightful. Chances are I love you and maybe miss you too. Peace.


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