here it comes

mayish 026

My first day of classes at Biola ended in tears on a hill. I was certain I had come to the wrong place. I felt behind and like I knew nothing about the Bible compared to my classmates. Jeremy told me that I was at Biola to learn, not demonstrate what I already knew. He told me I was at an advantage knowing less; I would have the opportunity to learn and grow far more than anyone who wasn’t lost on the first day of classes.

I was a communications major that year. I learned more about the Bible in that one year than I had probably learned throughout my entire life so far. I also learned how to study well, how to write real papers, give speeches, make new friends.

I just turned in a 13 page paper discussing the Biblical theology of the book of Daniel. I flew across the world to Rwanda to work as a nurse for three weeks.Last weekend I got certified in ACLS. ACLS is basically training in how to save a life. Arrythmias, code blues, medications, CPR, defibrillation. I’m going to be an ICU nurse next year.

Things have changed since that first day on that hill. And the end is almost officially here. As I reflect on the contrast between that first day and now, it’s hard to believe how much has happened in 5 years. I’m excited and proud to be done. But I’m not excited to leave all this. Ready, I think… but I’m aware life is not going to be the same in 4 days. Here goes nothin.


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  1. Josh · May 22, 2009

    Erin—you articulated your growth and development so well…it brought tears to my eyes. I really really wish we could be there this weekend to celebrate massively with you. We are sooo proud of who you are. cheers!

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