macI’ve spent a while now hating on macs. Lovin on the PCs. Bonding with other PC lovers and sticking my nose up at those mac people. Well I hate to say it but dag nabit I’m lusting after my husband’s white macbook.

See my computer died last week because my power cord broke. I ordered myself a replacement cord, but of course it didn’t come in time and so I was forced to borrow Jeremy’s (temporarily) extra mac. Well today the power cord came and I sort of want to hide it and act like “shoot, it never got here” or “dang, it’s not charging. I guess my computer’s still dead.”

I bought myself a nice Toshiba two summers ago. And boy was I proud of my purchase. What a trusty, user-friendly, nice-looking computer. But I got on this mac and it just makes me want to be organized and hard-working and nicer to other people.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but now I fantasize about the day (probably far off, when I’m starting grad school or something) when I’ll absolutely need a new computer and I’ll be free to turn to apple. This could also have something to do with the fact that my trusty toshiba has developed some trusty neon lines that run down my screen. (some recently developed permanent decor. Thanks, tosh.)

Anyways I’m loving this mac and I think I have no choice but to finish my paper on it (wouldn’t it be such a hassle to download my paper to another computer? I know, I thought so too).



  1. Megan Wilmarth · May 19, 2009

    No you’re turning over to the dark side!!!!
    j/k….I’m not a mac hater (I do like them…they’re really neat), but it’s just one of those “I’ve grown-up with pc’s my whole life, and I can’t switch over (yet) thing.”
    You’re funny friend and I enjoy reading your blog. You need one up about the closing of our school years at BIOLA…CRAZY…I’m sure that’s a hard one to write!

  2. Lindsay · May 29, 2009

    I loved reading this post! Macs are totally the best, and it made me happy to know that you opened your heart and mind a little to discover this fact. 🙂

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